January 29, 2023

Timberwolves want to trade for Ben Simmon, holds KAD, Edwards, Russell

A 76ers-Timberwolves Ben SimmonsD’Angelo Russell Business rumor Has been spinning for months. Minnesota Is interested In the Simmons trade, Who wants to leave Philadelphia.

Why not try to trade Timberwolves for Simbers? He is a talented young player, he is locked into a long contract and fits well Cities of Carl-Anthony And Anthony Edwards.

Russell will be the center of disappointment in the return package for the 76s, but he will fit in as someone who can at least make his own shot from a distance. With Joel Empit Is Increasingly dominating, Philadelphia Might be better Not better than vacuum, but a suitable alternative to Simmons.

Russell has no need except for Minnesota.

John Krosinski of Athletics:

Although the Wolves have included D’Angelo Russell in an offer – they talked all summer about forming a team with Downs, Edwards. And Russell around Simmons – One of the best defensive players in the league Morey doesn’t seem to have the magic bullet move to break away … yet.

In conversations with teams in Las Vegas, I came up with the idea that the Timberwolves were the team most active in trying to get the Simmons deal done.

Simmons must be active in Minnesota to trade, including Downs, Edwards or Russell.

Timberwolves can be roughly matched with a set that includes the value of Simmons Malik Beasley, Josh Okoki, Jaden McDonnellsFour first-round exams and three first-round exam transfers. However, those choices will not directly help the 76ers who are now trying to win. So, it has to be a multi-team deal — it’s never been easier to pull off.

Salary fit and list size limits also create barriers. Perhaps, Minnesota can sign and trade Jared Vanderbilt And / or Jordan McLaughlin.

Timberwolves advanced in trade Both Patrick Beverly And Prince Dorian. But no player can integrate into the Simmons contract for two months after their previous trade. Therefore, it seems that Minnesota does not believe that Simmons trade is close Or That was enough in the negotiations with Philadelphia Jared Culver And Juanzo Hernangomas (Sent to Grizzlies to Beverly) and Ricky Rubio (Sent to the guards for the prince) Simmons would not be useful in the trade.

That’s Simmons Trying to exert pressure On Philadelphia. Before opening a training camp with Simmons, 76 people will accept what Timberwolves has to offer.

But – if Russell does not surrender – Minnesota faces more hurdles in the Simmons trade than it did a few weeks ago.