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They met a few months ago at Kingsday in Netherlands, read our story here. The two undisputed kings of dance music Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren must have had a few conversations about dance music and more things but who would have thought they were actually thinking of a collaboration that includes Sophie Ellis Bextor. Here’s a new track that has surfaced on Youtube

Have they left their differences aside?

The biggest “fight” was between Armin & Tiesto. I think Armin won when it comes to trance, in late 2008 (despite of the great ISOS7), Armin was the most popular/loved trance DJ between both.

The fact is, Tiesto also won on his way. Tijs changed his style and moved in a new direction. He is the most popular DJ between both right now. He is a bigger superstar, but.. their rivalry ended when Tiesto left trance music.
Some proper trance sounds here in the collaboration though and it has already raked up over 43,000 page views in just 3 weeks. What do you think about this?! Is it real or to good to be true! Deep inside we all want this to happen, don’t we? 🙂

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  • JoseJose

    Author Reply

    Hi, this track is widely reported to be fake, this youtube channel makes some mashups, remixes, and mixes “of” some artists, but its not really true.

  • JeanBox always post fake tracks.

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