September 30, 2022

Thursday Night Highlights - Big Brother Network

Thursday Night Highlights – Big Brother Network

We have officially entered the eighth week of Big Brother 24all the remaining guests are back in the same game and Coronation of a new family head. The guests of the house spent the first part of their evening acclimatizing again and following what happened on the opposing sides this week. But then they had to get into the new HOH competition. Read on to find out what early conversations about the new HOH were all about.

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7:07pm GMT – Feeds are back after the live show. Alyssa talking to Brittany about some of the things Joseph said outside this week. Brittany explains what happened with Jasmine inside the house.

7:08pm GMT – Kyle whispers to Turner that they need to say they never spilled the beans about The Leftovers, but Joseph might as well. Kyle goes and talks to Monty in the kitchen. Kyle asks Monty if there are any “leftovers”.

7:09 PM BBT – Kyle asks Monty how it went with Jasmine. Monty says Brittany and Taylor had a heart to let her know. Monty says he’s glad Kyle is still here. Cale says he was close with Joseph so it could have been him. He says they all knew this would happen at some point.

7:11pm GMT – Kyle tells Taylor the names were Turner and Joseph and then Terrance vetoed and put Kyle on the block. Cale says he thought this was the plan all along.

7:15 PM BBT – Taylor tells Kyle they should see Tiffany for a veto contest. They said they all thought it was just a recording of Tiffany but then when I talked to them, they realized she could hear it and it wasn’t previously recorded.

7:18 PM BBT – Michelle tells Alyssa how Jasmine has never been open to her about any of her alliances. Alyssa says she didn’t understand why Joseph seemed to push her to go to the block. She says so I realized he has to work with other people in the house. She tries to let Michael and Brittany know that she knows Joseph has been working with other people, but she’s not doing well.

7:19 PM BBT – Alyssa tells Michael and Brittany that Joseph said the game would be different when they got back inside, and he wouldn’t even know the people inside anymore.

7:27 PM GMT – Taylor says she doesn’t want to explain anything to the Dyre Fest folks until after HOH.

7:40 PM BBT – Alyssa Taylor asks how she was doing and says she knows it must be hard not being able to talk to Joseph or say goodbye, Taylor says not being able to say goodbye is the hardest part.

7:47 PM BBT – Tell Monty Turner their side of the house has been pretty straight this week with Jasmine gone. He tells tuner Monty that he didn’t say anything about leftovers. He says that Joseph was turning into a dog in the end.

7:50pm GMT – Turner told Monty that Alyssa was obviously going to vote to keep Kyle, so he couldn’t vote the opposite way. Monty says that makes sense. Turner says he hopes Leftover HOH wins.

7:52 PM GMT – Monty Turner asks who’s going to carry it. Turner says he’ll bring up Terrance and someone else. Turner says that if everyone on the Leftovers was on board, so would he and Kyle (pretty sure he’s lying). Monty says he’s going to put Terrence and Alyssa in.

7:54 PM BBT – Monty says he definitely thought Terrance was going to do the show. Turner says that’s why he and Joseph did the promotion, but it seemed to bother Terran. He says Terrence didn’t really want to touch Alyssa.

8:02 p.m. BBT – Michael, Taylor, and Brittany think Terrance wanted Kyle out, which is why he brought it up after a veto.

8:06 p.m. BBT – The feeds for the HOH contest have been cut short.

9:56 PM BBT – Return feeds. HOH . Turner won.

10:05pm GMT – Alyssa reports that Kyle has twice taken only one item from winning Tiny HOH.

10:10pm GMT – Michael spoke with Taylor that he hopes they see the names Alyssa and Terrance so they can be safe this week.

10:15 PM BBT – HGs comparing past weeks and what they had to do to pass the time.

10:30pm GMT – Brittany fills in with Turner on how the week has gone with Jasmine being targeted and not winning the veto. She explained that they had ten minutes before the competition to review the items and then they were given one minute each round to do the calculations.

10:40 PM BBT – Turner expects to have a second double this season.

11:00 PM GMT – Taylor talks to Turner and how sad she is about Joseph’s passing. Turner jokes that they sent Joseph to a better place on the farm.

11:15pm GMT – Terrance explained that he would have to take water to the portapotty because it kept breaking down due to all the grain they were feeding on.

11:25pm GMT – Strangers were surprised to see all the alcohol the insider had. Taylor says they gave them too much.

11:30 PM GMT – HGs gather together for dinner.

12:25 AM BBT – Michael and Brittany compare notes in storage. They are not sure what Turner will do after talking to him.

12:35AM GMT – Kyle tried to make up a story about Joseph dumping LO details. Brittany hit back by saying it won’t matter this week because Turner is HRH.

12:40 AM BBT – Brittany talks to Taylor and says she trusts Turner. She thinks they will be fine. Taylor is very sad that she did not say goodbye to Joseph and may not see him for weeks. Taylor has forgiven Kyle for the previous week (her family, they don’t know what he did last week). They hope Turner goes with Alyssa and Trans as easy traits.

1:00 AM BBT – Michael and Alissa discuss how Jasmine thought Joseph had feelings for someone who wasn’t available.

1:45 AM BBT – The HGs are back again to relive the weeks they’ve been through and the boredom that comes with it.

2:45 a.m. GMT – Turner’s got his bedroom.

3:15 a.m. GMT – HGs are suspended in Turner’s room.

3:50 a.m. GMT – Turner gets his first singles match and starts with Kyle. Turner says he didn’t want to beat HOH and waited for Kyle to get it. They discussed obtaining the numbers to avoid having to mortgage any of their allies. Turner worries that their 4-man alliance consists of those who have never won anything before. He’s worried about facing that power on the other side with these two.

4:05AM GMT – Pays Kyle Turner to target Michael and then they’ll work to get Monty back on their side.

4:10 a.m. GMT – Kyle Turner has warned that Michael and Brittany will stand shoulder to shoulder with Taylor. Turner continues to struggle with the idea of ​​relying on Alyssa and Terrance to keep him safe.

4:25 a.m. BBT – Turner tells Brittany that he promised everyone safety but reneged on his promises to strangers. He worries that he will lose two jury votes in doing so.

4:30 a.m. GMT – Turner has promised Brittany that she and Michael are safe this week.

4:35 a.m. BBT – Turner then meets Monty. Monty wants to stay strong with the Pound. Turner asks Monty not to spoil his game.

4:45 a.m. GMT – Turner tells Monty that he’s worried he’ll take snapshots of strangers after hooking up with them in case the insider decides to turn on him. Turner tells Monty that he cares about him and Kyle.

4:50 AM BBT – Tell Monty Turner to prioritize getting Terrance out this week because he’s more likely to win something compared to Alyssa. Turner asserts that he spoils his game by going after Terrance and Alyssa.

4:55 AM BBT – Michael went to talk to Turner. Turner says he will remain loyal to the LOs with his plan to nominate Terrance and Alyssa.

5:05 a.m. BBT – Turner meets Taylor. He says he was shocked in the backyard when he was promised safety and then Terrance put it down.

5:28 a.m. BBT – Turner said he made a mistake when he promised everyone safety and that things were about to get chaotic. He says he has a difficult decision ahead.

5:35 AM BBT – The lights finally went out all night.

Very interesting twists for Turner if he decides to turn on Strangers this week. He knows that the strength of the house lies in the insiders and has a real concern that these HGs would have bonded without him and now he’s about to fall between them. We’ll get Turner nominations later today, so keep watching the feeds for more.

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