November 29, 2022

Three Northeastern states are suspending national guards amid a medical capacity crisis due to an epidemic

The New York National Guard announced Wednesday that 120 doctors and medical technicians have been hired for a dozen long-term care facilities across the state. The deployment came on the orders of Governor Kathy Hochlin Order issued Responding to the shortage of men last week.

Service members were recruited in Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, Utica, Plattsburgh, Uniondale, Liberty, Vestal, Olean, Lyons and Goshen, the police said in a statement.

Hochul points out that hospitals can also send guards – until last week, 50 hospitals in northern New York had less than 10% bed facilities due to staff shortages.

In Maine, following an increase in Govt-19 cases, Governor Janet Mills executed the National Guard.

“I do not take this step lightly, but we must take action to alleviate the pressure on our health care system and ensure care for all who need it,” Mills said. Said in a statement.

As of Wednesday, 379 people were hospitalized with Covit-19, 60 of whom were on ventilators.

The Mills office said in a statement Wednesday that there are only 42 ICU beds across the state in Maine.

About 73% of Maine residents have received the full initial dose of the Govt-19 vaccine, and according to state data, 16% of the population has received a booster shot.

New Hampshire Governor calls on FEMA and National Guard to prepare for the winter Govt-19 uprising

In preparation for the winter uprising, Gov. 19 Governor Gov. Christopher Sunun calls on the Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Guard to assist the state prepare for the winter uprising.

“We have approached FEMA to prepare for the winter surge and seek the assistance of some of our health facilities staff,” Sununu told his Govt-19 news conference on Wednesday. “They told us they were sending a few dozen people to New Hampshire this weekend to help the team of 24 people.”

According to Sununu, the extra staff will allow hospitals to open entire units so that they can better serve their community.

FEMA will help by providing 30 paramedics who will be coming to New Hampshire by next weekend.

“We are appointing those 30 paramedics to hospitals with high COVID loads,” Chununu said.

'I rarely act': Govt 'long smugglers' struggle to work amid labor shortage

According to Sununu, authorities are working with hospitals across the state to see how the National Guard can be better used during the winter uprising.

He announced that in the coming weeks, the government will suspend an initial team of 70 men and women from national custody to assist hospitals that are most in need, and to assist in tasks that allow for a smooth operation.

The National Guard will assist “everything from soup, food service or pastoral work – to flexible things, to hospital or health facilities trying to integrate their own staff and ultimately to better health services”. Said.

Dr. Benjamin Chan, state epidemiologist at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, attended a news conference Wednesday where 1,184 people were diagnosed with Covit-19.

“In the past week, there have been an average of 1,200 to 1,300 new infections every day, and there are currently 9,868 people with active infections,” he said. “Our test positive rate continues to be high.”

Chan said hospital admissions and deaths continue to rise.

“Currently 462 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19 across the state. Unfortunately, 11 new deaths from COVID-19 have been reported today, bringing the total number of deaths from COVID-19 to 1,768.”