December 8, 2022

Thompson: It’s under construction and now Jordan Pool and Ja Morant are fully integrated into the series

Jordan Pool He smiled as he looked at the iPhone 13 Pro Max in hand. A teasing smile as if he knew it was going to turn into his next attack on him.

In the middle of the fourth quarter he saw a video of the play in which he deliberately tried to hurt Memphis. Chryslice Star Ja Morant. He and there saw the slow-motion replay of the play Andrew Wiggins Morant got caught, swiped the pool and hit the ball, then reached out again and grabbed Morant’s right knee. It showed Morant pulling his knee towards him with his right hand while pushing Morant with his left hand.

“Yeah, it was a basketball game when we doubled him up,” Poole said after seeing it, “I hit the ball, I’m going for the ball. I mean, frankly, you do not want to see anyone get hurt. I’m not even that type of player. I respect everyone. “Hopefully, he will recover and we can see him in the next game. I really do not play like that. It’s not my type of game.”

The knee may have changed when sown in the Morant trap. Morant may have had a knee injury in the third quarter Lunging match at Clay Thompson 3-pointer. After all, Poole and Morant are now inextricably linked in the second-round series of this Western conference. Warriors After a 142-112 win Saturday at the Chase Center, the lead was 2-1. Morant started the connection with the extension of Game 2 and the relentless attack on the pool He made the pool fall as if dancing. And Poole responded – you know – by going to Morant in Game 3.

It all took another turn when Morant left the court. He was found depressed when he tore the cushion on the side seat and slapped it in frustration. He was seen in great pain when the athletic coach shook his right knee. It’s the same knee Knocked him out of nine games Stretch down. Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins later said he was “interested” in what the pool was doing. Morant tweeted that he had “broken the code” above the video he saw in the pool, which defended Warriors coach Steve Kerrin’s argument. Dillon Brooks “Broke the mark” when he hit Gary Baton II Head from behind at fast intervals.

Now being the center of the pool and morant is an absolute controversy.

“It’s playoff talk,” Thompson said. “I, personally, have suffered a serious knee injury and I do not think there is any malicious intent from Jordan. I do not think he’s strong enough to hurt someone’s knee. We’ll play, I’m going to support him. He’s not out – no.

From what we know about Poole, he certainly does not want to exclude Morant from the series. He wants the scale of Morant’s greatness.

When the pool sat for three days, the focus of the series shifted to his safety or its lack thereof. The highlights and memes of Morant Dropping Pool ran out well, as he scored 47 points in Game 2, one of his many jaw-dropping plays.

“It’s basketball,” Poole said. “We’re going there. We’ve playing hard. We’ve competing. These are the best players in the world, you know what I’ll say? Try to come up well.

His attempt at humility aside, Poole – two months older than Morant and 26 picks after the Chris Lees star in the 2019 NBA draft – is not going to let that be the end of the story. From the bust label that will chase him in 2019, Pool made it an essential member of the championship run because he believes he is one of the best. He did not stop Morant, who scored 34 points with seven assists in the 13-off-21 shooting. But Morant was poised to prove that he was unlikely to stop himself. No one was performing better at Chris Lice on Saturday.

Pool is now enemy number 2 in Memphis. Maybe he passed Tremond Green He is now charged with injuring Morant. Some in the country of Greece already believed that he would be suspended for Pool Game 3 for walking on the court when Baton went down. Now, he will definitely be lamenting being knocked out in the 4th game.

It also makes perfect sense because the pool is a big problem for Grizzlies. And he’s the Warriors’ primary choice to get Morant to work in defense.

The Warriors faced a hot start from Memphis and took the lead in the second quarter. Morant, the unstoppable third-year defender of the Grizzlies, got back into the game with 9 minutes and 36 seconds left in the first half. In Game 1, Morant finished his break with 5:38 left in the second quarter. In Game 2 he returned with a score of 7:40. But the Warriors Thompson drove eight straight points through a 3-point game. Grizzlys’ lead was once at 13 points, six points short of nine minutes later. So even with the Warriors star guard Stephen Curry Still on the bench, Morant turned to the right of the ship.

But this part of the game belongs to the pool. As Charlie begins the second and fourth quarters, the Warriors’ third-year guard is charged for six or more minutes. And he dragged Moran to the deep end and welcomed him to the pool party.

Morant set up D’Anthony Melton For one layer. Pool responds by hunting down Morant, calling for a screen to get Chris Lees’ face to protect him. And the pool went straight towards him, using a hesitation and a step back to get a pull-up baseline jumper. The next time, he called Morand again, this time going to work from the top and drilling a drag over Morand on the free-throw line.

In a matter of minutes the Warriors outscored Krislice by 10 points, while Carrie sat in the second quarter. The game changed as Poole went to Morant and Memphis continued to put pressure on the defense. The Warriors Plus-26 is the curry-free minutes in the series.

As with every defense, Chrysles focuses on carrying the curry. Chroese returned to Melton and Rookie after Brooks was eliminated in Game 2 and suspended for Game 3. Gear Williams To protect the curry’s face and prevent his open appearance. Backing them up is a big chrysalis – no Geron Jackson Jr. Or Wayne Wilman either Brandon Clark – Waiting for help if the curry moves.

But it provides another player who can attack the Pool Warriors, another player who can run or isolate the Big-and-Roll. With him on the court with Thompson, Charcoal has the space to work the pool, to attract attention. He can pull out a set of his intersections and moves hesitantly to reach where he needs to go. He’s not morant around the edge, but Poole’s Lob Package is cool in its own right.

“Jordan, our ability to break the floor and get him down,” Kerr said. “It’s very important that he is included in our team. We can put Steph on the bench. For the series I will say, we will win non – Steph minutes. It’s a big deal for us, because in the long run, it’s an issue.

But what impressed Poole’s teammates was the way he competed on defense. Green and a couple of players told Poole they needed more from him on the defensive end. He needed them to compete. If beaten, so be it. If it ends in a Moment highlight, so be it.

“It will continue to happen,” Curry said, knowing he was the target of security. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s the nature of playoffs. But you have to take that challenge seriously. Knowing that they are trying to involve you in actions for a reason, you should have some pride around it. That doesn’t mean you will be stopped every time.

“It means you did your job. The first point of the attack, be physical, there are no breaks. Whether they score or not, you try to earn them, obviously not make a mistake. I think he made the right changes and kept doing it because playoff basketball. When the pace slows down, those matches are important.If you do your job on the ball, there will be help behind you.Many more times, you will be in a better position.

The controversial drama that dominates the talk about this series is the result of Pool competing on the defensive end. This is not the best look for the pool. He will be back in the spotlight again in between games, especially if Morant misses any time.

But we know the pool. We know how he was structured and what he is. He wants Morant on the court. He wants to go to the superstar again. Because that’s how he shows up on this stage.

(Photo by Jordan Poole: Jeff Cue / Associated Press)