December 6, 2022

Things I Think of the Giants Seahawks: The familiar scenario let the Giants team down on Sunday

Things I Think of the Giants Seahawks: The familiar scenario let the Giants team down on Sunday

Through the first seven matches, he was New York Giants He lived by keeping matches close to entering the fourth quarter, playing healthy football and taking advantage of long-term opponents’ mistakes to win matches.

Sunday vs Seattle Seahawks The giants followed the first part of their formula. They are late, as they have in every game this season. They kept the match close, heading into the fourth quarter trailing by a field goal.

However, they were unable to follow the last part of the text. On Sunday, it was the Giants who made the late errors – including a Ritchie James fumbled kick that marked the Seahawks’ final touchdown.

Here are some “things I think” after Sunday’s game.

Live and die by the fourth quarter

During the first seven matches, the Giants were +36 in the fourth quarter, having outperformed their opponents 58-22. The only match that was won in the fourth quarter was the third week loss to Cowboys in Dallaswhen they were outnumbered 10-3.

On Sunday against Seattle, the Giants lost the fourth quarter 14-3.

The Giants watched Tyler Lockett make amends for an earlier touchdown pass by defeating Adoree’ Jackson and Xavier McKinney for 33 yards giving Seattle a 20-13 lead. They watched James falter on his second kick, landing Kenneth Walker with 5:22 to play which put the game out of reach.

The giants were unable to find the fourth quarter mojo when attacking. They had 12 games in the stall and only scored a Graham Gano field goal. They went three times after Lockett landed.

“We just didn’t do enough today all the way. Once again, give Seattle credit,” said head coach Brian Dabol. “It’s tough, the ball is important, we have to do a better job looking after it, we have to do a better job of executing and finishing the push, converting some of the third defeats in particular early in the game.”

The role of giants to make major mistakes

James’s tripping twice cost the Titans 10 points, not to mention taking their possessions from Attack on Titan.

“Take care of the ball is one of our main goals and obviously we didn’t do that and then they got the ball in a good position,” said Daboll. “Flip the ball to your side of the court, it’s tough.”

James’s fouls weren’t the only giants the Giants made on Sunday. James’ 42-yard return that would have put the ball into Seattle’s 35-yard line in the first quarter was invalidated by a highly questionable blind block call against Jason Pinnock.

There seems to be coverage blown in the first half of Geno Smith’s DK Metcalf touchdown pass.

Daniel Jones missed Lawrence Kaiger’s wide open for a potentially big play in the first quarter.

There was a false start through substitute right tackle Tyre Phillips and delaying the match.

The Giants only went 6 of 16 in third and 0 for one in fourth while allowing Seattle to convert a pair of fourth touchdowns in a scoring drive in the second quarter.

“You just haven’t done enough, you haven’t done enough plays,” said quarterback Daniel Jones.

I refer to the fourth quadrant and the total errors for a reason. The Giants had won four times in seven matches when they entered the quarter-finals. They have five consecutive victories.

The Giants racked up some exciting victories during the first seven weeks of the season. However, the way they try to play leaves them with a thin margin for error. Along the way there will be some painful losses.

Like Sunday against the Seahawks.

Great portals!

How cool would it be to see Nick Gates back on the field? And to see him throw the main block on Sacon Barkley’s landing track for 1 yard, essentially driving the Seattle defender through the formation?

“A special moment…a little surreal,” Gates said of the play.

I’ve said it before, but to me, Gates is the best NFL player to come back. a period.

Need wide receiver

Sunday’s match continued to show the giants’ weakness on a large scale.

Darius Slayton played an impressive game with five receptions for 66 yards, two of whom came in critical third touchdowns. Notwithstanding, Wan’Dale Robinson, David Sills and Marcus Johnson, combined for only four hits totaling 23 yards.

The giants obviously need more talent in the broad receiver. Will they wait until 2023 NFL Project to try to find it, or will they make a move to get at least extra help before Tuesday’s trading deadline?

Break time

The Giants are now getting a well deserved farewell week. Daboll wasn’t in the mood to hear it on Sunday night, but the first half of the season was a resounding success for the giants.

“We have a long season to go in. We were 3-1 in the first quarter and three and one in the second. Obviously not good enough today. There is a lot to work on like I say every week,” Daboll said. I got those results and we weren’t so we’re just going to come back, and we’re going to make corrections, and do some self-exploration and things like that during the week and try to fix some of the things you know we need to fix like we do every week.”

No one expected the Giants to say goodbye 6-2. They are. They have legitimate aspirations in the playoff, which no one expected. Despite Sunday’s result, they have a lot to feel good about, and to look forward to.

“There is still a lot for us. I think today showed that,” Jones said. “6-2 is not bad, but there is a lot of work to do.”