January 29, 2023

The Yankees’ Trey Amburki was forced to wait a bit for his debut

Trey Amburki waited a long time to call the Yankees.

It finally came on Wednesday night, but the outfielder had to wait at least a day for his MLP debut.

The Yankees opted for Amburki’s contract ahead of Thursday’s scheduled series opener against the Red Sox, only to postpone the game. Because there are so many positive COVID-19 cases in the Yankees Clubhouse.

Before the Yankees announced the cancellation of batting practice for further testing – the game was postponed for a while – Amburge was not in line on Thursday but was expected to start on Friday.

In 38 games this season for the Triple-A Scranton / Wilkes-Bar.960 OPS. The Yankees have had a production deficit from their left fielders this season, but Amburki will now offer another corner outfield option, while Clint Frasier (dizziness) and Miguel Andujar (left wrist strain) are on the injured list.

Trey Amburki during spring training in 2020.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

“I’m ready,” Amburki said. “I keep telling everyone around me that I am ready, so I was ready whenever the call came.

“If I say I am not frustrated I will lie [waiting]. Come here and play for the Yankees is a dream. At the same time, I know it will be tough and not playing last year. So I had a hard climb to climb, but being here now, I’m ready to go whenever they call my name. ”

Amburki, 26, grew up to be a Red Sox fan because his mother and grandparents, who came from Boston, were expecting a debut against them. He expects 11 family members and friends to attend with him on Wednesday night, following the promotion of Rail Riders manager Doug Davis.

It was like “I’m going to try to wake my wife up because she went to bed and it was past midnight,” said Amberki. “So, ‘Hey, do you guess where I’m going tomorrow?’ I started to cry and lost it.I immediately called my parents and they were going to a concert or something this weekend and I was like ‘you have to cancel it.’ ‘Why?’ I said, ‘I’ll be at The Bronx.’ My mother lost it, so this is a good moment. “

Amburki, the Yankees’ 13th round pick in 2015, attributed the change in attitude to his improved results this season.

“Stayed in my zone and didn’t buy anything [the pitcher is] He is trying to do that, ”said Amburki. “So far it has worked and I hope we can continue to do this here.”