December 5, 2022

The Yankees fell to rival Red Sox in the AL wild-card game

Boston-ace trunk, unpunished and decision-making was almost awful.

The Yankees are now heading home after a 6-2 defeat handled by the Red Sox on Tuesday in an AL wild-card game at Fenway Park.

The Yankees season, which they often call the roller coaster, is thanks to Gerid Cole’s professional poor post-season performance and a lineup that didn’t give them much of a chance.

After winning the last six games against Boston – including a sweep on Fenway a week ago – the Yankees missed Tuesday and it made them see another long offseason, the 12th time without a world series.

And face their two biggest current rivals, Boston and Tampa Bay, at ALDS.

At the start of the previous 13 post seasons the goal was never less than five innings — and his two-plus innings fit for the shortest period of his career.

Jared Cole
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

After saying that left ligament tightness that had plagued him in September would not be an issue, Cole quickly put the Yankees into a hole.

Rafael Devars retired the first two batsmen at the bottom of the inning before walking after the goal had advanced 1-2.

When Sander Bockcarts arrived and took a two-run shot to the center, it was expensive, after the selling crowd started chanting “Jer-Rid”.

The 427-foot blast gave Boston a 2-0 lead and Fenway revived the crowd.

Crashing Geo Urshela reached the two-out tripler in the second second, but Kyle Higashioka was out.

Bobby Tolpeck and Christian Arroyo doubled the lead over Kevin Blavecki on goal just before the break to turn the tide into a second.

But Kyle Schwartz gave Boston a 3-0 lead and went down to third with a mammoth homer on the right to stir up the Yankees bullpen. Enrique Hernandez had an infield win and Cole walked the Towers to complete his terrible 50-pitch exit, in which he left with two runs — and two homers — in two plus innings.

Clay Holmes stepped on two and there was no one to face Bogarts. Holmes knocked out the Bockcarts with the first check-swing strike. He landed in the innings-ending double play to keep right-hander Alex Verduco in a three-run game.

Holmes, in addition to a short-announced trading deadline from Pittsburgh, scored a four without a single around Hunter Renfro.

The rest of the bulls were fantastic for most of the second half.

Luis Severino retired in fifth place before the Yankees offense finally showed a little life against Red Sox starter Nathan Evalti in sixth.

Earlier, they did not do much against Evalti, who gave up seven runs in the 2 ² / ₃ innings on September 24.

With two outs in the first place, Giancarlo Stondon sent the Green Monster a shot to the left, but stared at it from the home plate – apparently thinking it was gone – and kept it single.

Okay, Joey Gallo hit on the Czech swing to end the 11-pitch innings.

Evolti 11 retired straight until Anthony Risso took the right-handed deeper with one in sixth and reduced the deficit to 3-1.

The referee went with an infield single, pushing the fort down to defeat Bogarts’ throw.

Boston manager Alex Cora pulled Evaldi for Ryan Frazier.

Stanton dropped another shot from the Monster, and third-pace coach Bill Nevin sent it off badly — Dell could have suffered a lack of confidence in Gallo — and the referee easily kicked Hernandez out in the middle after a strong relay home from Pogarts.

Gallo followed up with a pop out in the third and the chance to get closer to the Yankees was gone.

Sekerino walked to Bogarts in sixth and lifted the Red Sox by three runs with an RBI double from Verduco.

They added another pair as Jonathan Loisica and Chad Green walked on the loaded platforms in seventh, and Green gave Verduco a two-run single.