November 26, 2022

The witness describes the crash in the terrifying Black Hawk Mountains

American Fork Canyon, Utah – It is a “blessing” that no one was injured in the crash of two Black Hawk helicopters following an incident in the American Fork Canyon early Tuesday morning, a National Guard official said. Authorities said the crash happened in the Little Cottonwood Canyon area.

The 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion, UH-60 Black Hawks, 211st Aviation Regiment, crashed near the Mineral Basin at 9:30 a.m., Air Affairs Public Affairs Officer Jared Jones said.

Both were experiencing white-out conditions when helicopters attempted to land in an approved landing zone outside the Snowboard Sky Resort. During the landing, a blade from the main rotor system of the second helicopter struck the main helicopter, taking out its tail rotor, and one of the helicopters landed on its side.

None of the experienced crew on board the two helicopters were injured in the crash, although both helicopters were damaged and it is not yet known if they can be used.

“We are grateful that no one was seriously injured due to the rapid reaction and training of the two command pilots,” said Major Matthew Green, commander of the 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion. “Right now, our top priority is to take care of both teams.”

Below is a video of Billy Halloween showing the moment the helicopters crashed while landing outside the Snowboard Sky Resort.

Helicopter crash audited

Although the landing area was close to the ski area, Jones said there was no danger to the skiers during the incident.

“We train it as part of a routine mission. So we call it full white level, including summer and winter mountain training, including dust and snow. In battle, there are places where you sometimes have to land. Hard and we train to that standard,” he said. Jones said.

The National Guard has announced that all training flights will be canceled until further notice.

Billy Holoran noticed something strange while enjoying a lift in the chair of the Mineral Basin.

Haloran, a New Zealand skier, said: “We thought it was an explosion and it could have been a complete mess, and I thought the worst could have happened.

Photo from the area showed one of the helicopters descending in the middle of what appeared to be a ski race. Another helicopter can be seen in the background.

The video below shows two Black Hawk helicopters following a training incident on the American Fork Canyon (@ LifterMike93).

Helicopter crash

Jones added that no fuel was spilled on the ground during the crash.

As for Halloween, he says he’s happy and surprised that it’s not that bad.

“I work at sea, so I handled helicopter landings beforehand, and the ditches generally don’t go well,” he said.

Nova Sikorsky

Two Utah National Guard helicopters were spotted on the ground following a training incident in the U.S. Fork Canyon on Tuesday.

It is not known how many people were on the helicopters at the time of the incident.

The video below shows two Black Hawk helicopters crashing into the American Fork Canyon (@ LifterMike93)

Helicopter crash1