December 2, 2022

The Warriors say Ned will not be replaced, revealing the emotional toll of violating him - Deadline

The Warriors say Ned will not be replaced, revealing the emotional toll of violating him – Deadline

Two of the three remaining Try Guys used their TryPods podcast today to explain, according to the member Keith Habersberger“What we’ve been through emotionally…our side of the experience for the past month.”

That was the experience very public removal From old members Ned Vollmer After they find out that Vollmer, who is married, had an affair with an unnamed employee. Complicating matters further is the fact that his wife, Ariel Vollmer, hosts a podcast called You can sit with us with the wives of the other members.

Titled “Okay, let’s talk about it,” today’s podcast appeared on Haberburger and Zach Kornfield He details how overwhelming the news and reaction have been for them as well as the decision not to replace Vollmer.

“We handled this almost like a shock,” Kornfield explained. “It really shook our word, but the ramifications were also very clear. I don’t think I ever stopped processing it emotionally. Until now, I don’t know I had it. Because it was just ‘OK, we have to move.'”

He continued, “The fact that it was a publicly enacted encroachment added a level of complexity to this, as we knew there was a stick of dynamite with an uncertain fuse. We knew that at any moment this could happen and it would show.”

When the news came out, the interest was like nothing the remaining Try Guys faced – which is saying something to the members Youtube Channel 8 million subscribers.

“We’ve had more eyeballs than ever,” Kornfield said, before explaining why controversial influencers are so popular. “Oh, that’s why people make this their careers and are so inclined to drama. What I also learned is that I don’t want any part in it. We’ve been so proud of ourselves for the past eight years that we haven’t been in pain, and I can’t wait to get back there. Such an impressive circus Not very interesting to me and not what I want to describe at all, as a creative person. ”

He continued, “All my Tik-Tok is about me.” “Opening Tik-Tok to escape, catching this investigative reporting rabbit hole” was weird.

Speaking of the unwanted attention, Habersberger said sympathetically, “Really quickly, we want to talk about the other people involved in this. We’re not talking about Ned here, but there were other people affected by this scenario.”

“In the internet, and especially in this drama, no matter what mistake you do, it’s really hard to say that’s an appropriate punishment. Like, imagine if everyone listening could film the time I had, because everyone was busy before… and I was Number one on Twitter and The New York Times He was reminding you and showing your picture, that’s really hard.”

The duo noted that in addition to Lady Gray Lady, they have been the subject of a report by NPR, Rolling Stone, and TMZ.

“It can make you feel like no one in the world loves you anymore,” Habersberger said.

“I know for a fact that people have received death threats because of this,” Kornfield said.

“it will be from Much Habersberger replied. “We are very sympathetic to these individuals because it is a strong reaction that has to be dealt with.”

Kornfield said he has his own dark moments.

“I had these really deep thoughts, like, ‘Oh, my God, everything I worked for is tainted. “”

Habersberger agreed.

“For the first two weeks, I was afraid this would put everything at risk,” he said.

When asked if their penalties against Vollmer would have differed had the case not been disclosed, the answer was a resounding “no.”

Haberberger explained, “He betrayed our trust. It was a workplace abuse. It would mean to all the people in our office who know what they know, that we weren’t honest with everything we were saying and our values. Quite simply, it could have been removed. It wasn’t a public spectacle.” …maybe we would have tried to avoid it for the sake of the other people involved.”

Speaking of whom, they indicated that Ariel Vollmer is welcome back You can sit with us If she chooses to return.

“Ariel is one of our partners on this show and we’re going to give her some time to sit down with him,” Habersberger said.