December 7, 2022

Jon Fingas

The TV series ‘Willow’ is coming to Disney+ on November 30

Disney + Finally ready to share more of his details willow Biology. streamer has open That TV series (simply titled willowThe premiere will be on November 30th. The accompanying trailer doesn’t show much, but an older Willow ofgood returns to save the future Empress from the clutches of evil. He’ll be joined by an eclectic group of adventurers, but this time around he’s clearly more experienced than he was in the 1988 movie.

The show sees Warwick Davis reprise his role as Willow. Joining in are at least a few familiar actors, including Ellie Bamber (most recently on Netflix’s Serpentand Disney alumnus Erin Kellyman.single And The Hawk and the Winter Soldier). John Cho was originally slated to direct, but was replaced by several directors when he was forced to step down due to the restrictions of the pandemic. willow Director Ron Howard co-executive producer.

The announcement comes as Disney has shared a flurry of details about upcoming Star Wars shows, including Andor And The ship’s crew. So the company isn’t shy about its Disney+ strategy. The service is filling its schedule with more originals in an effort to keep people watching, and it’s not afraid to extract many of the old perks in the process.

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