December 2, 2022

The Top Secret World of Big Game Deals Get Numbers Fixed

The Top Secret World of Big Game Deals Get Numbers Fixed

Players walk down an E3 lane surrounded by competing console signs.

picture: Christian Petersen (Getty Images)

Video games are Nearly 200 billion dollars industry. That’s a huge amount of money flowing around an increasingly small group of companies that are notorious for secrecy. Where does all this go? At least part of it is being returned to competing storefronts and subscription services like PlayStation Plus and Game Pass. Thanks to a new SEC file, we now have some hard numbers for what this new console war looks like, with both Sony and Microsoft bombing millions with a single game.

The relevant Securities and Exchange Commission file It belongs to Snail Games and was wanted as the company prepares to file its initial public offering (IPO). Although it’s been public since September 16, it’s only been spotted yesterday by YouTuber GP (Across real achievements). While most of the document is a broad overview of the company Financial, there is a certain section near the end that sheds light on the surrounding Game Pass and PS Plus deals Ark: Survival EvolvedThe Hit Survival Sim by Studio Wildcard.

Ark: Survival Evolved It is a multiplayer online game that combines dinosaurs and science fiction. It was launched back in 2017 but is still one of the top 20 most played games on Steam as players keep searching for resources and fighting each other. Sony decided to make it one of the PS Plus games of March on PS4, and according to a recent SEC filing, the console manufacturer paid $3.5 million for it. The deal is usually $20, which means PS Plus subscribers can download the game for free for five weeks, then play it whenever they want as long as their subscription is still active (the $50 version includes an expansion and other add-ons).

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Microsoft has been bolder in bringing the game to Game Pass. According to the record, Snail Games generated $2.5 million in revenue from the first half of 2022 alone for licensing Ark: Survival Evolved for service. The company also announced another $2.3 million in deferred revenue from the deal to achieve Ark IIAnd the Vin Diesel starringto Game Pass when it launches in 2023. While the agreement for the first game is currently “permanently” renewed, the agreement for the first game Ark II Three years are planned.

To put these numbers into perspective, formerly Microsoft Pay $600,000 To bring cooking simulator to Game Pass. Epic Games also spent $1.4 million to give up open-world survival sim Subnautica Free on PC. Microsoft and Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The new data points come amid an ongoing battle between Sony and Microsoft over the latter’s planned acquisition Call of duty Publisher Activision Blizzard. According to the documents submitted to BrazilThe Economic Defense Administrative Council, which recently approved the deal, brings Game Pass on consoles It generated $2.9 billion in revenue in 2021. The company also reported the presence of files 25 million Game Pass subscribers At the beginning of 2022.

Meanwhile, Sony acquired 47.3 million PS Plus subscribers Latest Earnings Report, although it’s not clear how much total revenue the program generated (if you assume all accounts signed up for a full year at the lowest price of $60, the revenue is about $2.8 billion). The PS5 has argued in its private files to the government of Brazil and others that Microsoft’s $69 billion deal will achieve Call of dutyAnd the Diablo IVand other games for Game Pass will make the competition in the gaming industry more difficult.

So far no one seems to accept this argument, but Microsoft still needs to pass it Antitrust probe by the United Kingdom As well as persuading regulators in the European Union, the United States and elsewhere if it hopes to close the deal as planned by June 2023.