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It’s Tomorrowland season and fans have rushed to Belgium to celebrate this massive festival! With almost every electronic music artist playing at this festival, this one is one of the biggest and best music festivals held in the world.

We just got our hands on some pictures of the main stage and we were awestruck. The theme that is followed this year is “The story of  Planaxis”. The theme overall is based off under the oceans with a sea-horse being highlighted. The main stage of a music festival is always the highlight and a lot of work goes into planning the decor and the production of the stage in order to ensure it always surpasses it’s preceding stage.

The amount of intricate work put into the stage itself showcases the fact as to how much importance is given to even the smallest of detail. No wonder they are the best in the world!









It’s okay if you missed out the festival this year. You can always get planning for the next edition! Till then, don’t miss out on the live action at the festival and catch the stream here!

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