December 5, 2022

The Tesla move came after California. Assemblyman ‘fk Elon Musk’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk His company’s move to Texas confirmed Friday that it was inspired by a California legislator’s fiery tweet.

Muskin’s confirmation came in response to a Tesla blog post claiming that “Musk unselfishly sought to oppose government action” by reopening the Fremont factory in 2020 in defiance of Alameda County’s Govt-19 precautions. Musk sued the district He dropped the lawsuit 11 days later, following an order to stay at the company’s factory closure.

Tesla Fan Blog invites Gonzalez to headline “Tesla relocates headquarters to Texas following apparent offer from California legislator”

Musk tweeted, Answer to the article and its title, “Exactly.”

Gonzalez was not confused, as the CEO “makes more of his money from taxpayer subsidies at CA.”

“Yeah, he’s even worse.” She added on Twitter. “$ 200 billion worth & hung his cleaning staff during epidemics.”

He then tweeted his screen shots Are being harassed on Twitter and Instagram By Tesla enthusiasts.

At a news conference in Auckland on Friday, Musk praised “his entrepreneurial attitude” and described the views of California Governor Gavin Newsom Gonzalez.

“I get tweets on an hourly basis. I’ve stayed here. I love this state,” Newsom said. Politico correspondent Jeremy P. White. And, for its value, even NewSom Defended the state tax for businesses like Tesla.