February 5, 2023

The September 20 booster rollout of Biden management may first be measured for the Pfizer Covit-19 vaccine.

There are internal level conversations within the Biden administration Ambitious booster project As the September 20 calendar approaches, officials initially said boosters may be available for those with the MRNA Govt-19 vaccine, which was split last month by top federal health officials.. Someone familiar with the matter told CNN that there was a meeting between federal health officials and White House staff on Thursday, in which officials warned that more time might be needed before enough data was needed to recommend boosters to all adults, the person said.

Modern health officials said Moderna’s submission was “not enough and needed strengthened data from the company.”

The FDA’s Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting is set for September 17 and the Pfizer process is on track.

Booster announced on Wednesday that it would begin submitting data to the FDA.

“These things happen and are part of the process,” the source said. “We’re following science.”

The New York Times Booster first announced the discussion about resizing the shot program.
FDA officials previously tried not to set a specific date for White House people expecting Govt-19 booster shots, but they did anyway. White House Corona virus response coordinator Jeff Giants and federal health officials It was said again and again that it was September 20th The booster rollout was pending signatures from the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. White House spokesman Chris Maker echoed those thoughts on Friday.

“We have always said that we will follow the science, all of which is part of a process that is now underway. We will be ready to implement the plan developed by the best doctors, ”Maker said in a statement.

The FDA is already evaluating data submitted by Pfizer / Bioentech for approval of the booster dose. Moderna said it began submitting data to the FDA on Wednesday, supporting giving its people a booster dose of its vaccine six months after its second dose.

Despite the White House’s scheduled start date of September 20, the FDA still does not have enough data on the Covid-19 booster shots, said FDA Executive Commissioner Dr.

“Why are you announcing this? Well, we have a plan and this plan is to vaccinate the vast majority of people in the United States with a booster dose,” Woodcock told WebMD’s Dr. John White during a virtual interview published online Thursday.

“We have to plan a bit before we have all the data, I think John is confusing people,” Woodcock said.

Although Woodcock does not yet have all the data needed for booster levels for the FDA, studies are coming soon.

“It’s true that we don’t have all the data,” Woodcock said. “Boost, we do not have all the security data and all the data. Those studies are over and should be available to the FDA soon.”

Three types of Modern or Pfizer corona virus vaccine will end up being the recommended full regimen to protect people from Govt-19 infection, Dr.

Fouzi pointed to two Israeli-based studies showing a decrease in infections among people who received a third shot.

“But I have to say from my own experience as an immunologist, I would not be surprised if the full rule of thumb for vaccination is three-dimensional,” said Fouci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. At the White House Govt-19 Response Team Conference.

Waiting a few months between doses allows the immune system to develop a full and mature response, which then helps with a stimulus, he said.

“It is completely understandable why the results I have announced from the Israeli stimulus are so dramatic,” Fouci said. “We all believe it’s a good reason for us to believe it’s not a strong replacement, but it’s really durable. If it’s lasting, you’ll get three doses. The rule is the usual rule.”

Moderna and Pfizer rely heavily on data to support their FDA applications, he said.

Giants said the federal government would promote it if the FDA and CDC’s advisory board on immunization practices approves the booster dose.

“Once the FDA and ACIP make recommendations about boosters, the same intensity and coordination and partnership will be used for the booster campaign,” Giants said.

Johnson & Johnson is also exploring the possibility of adding a second dose as a booster to its one-shot vaccine.

The story was updated on Friday with additional details.