February 2, 2023

The RNC is signaling the president’s exit from the debate

Accordingly, he added, the RNC would begin the process of amending its rules at the winter meeting to “prevent future Republican candidates from participating in CPD-backed debates.”

It remains to be seen whether the Republicans will choose a new body as the moderator for the debate and whether the Democrats will agree.

Going into the 2012 campaign, Republicans have long complained about how the Commission handles debates when Utah Senator Mitt Romney, the current Democrat, was the Republican candidate against President Barack Obama. The moderator of the Town Hall style debate, Candy Crowley, later with CNN, Mr. In real time, Mr. Checked Romney, which provoked the outcry of the Conservatives.

However, the 2016 Republican candidate, Mr. The intensity of frustration over the commission has increased since Trump first took office.

Mr. Trump’s adviser, Rudolph W. Giuliani, in a second debate with Ms Clinton, argued with the commission when she tried to seat women who accused Bill Clinton of sexually abusing her. Former Fox News presenter Chris Wallace and NBC News reporter Kristen Welker have both been accused of being biased against him. Trump has repeatedly complained (Mr Trump said after the debate that Ms Welker had acted fairly).

Mr Trump announced in 2020 that he was infected with the corona virus three days after the first presidential debate. To some onlookers in the first debate he was unwell, and his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows wrote in a book about the presidency that in the days leading up to the debate, Mr. Following the negative one.

The commission turned the second presidential debate into a virtual one, prompting Mr Trump to step down after a controversial debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden, for which Mr Trump was heavily criticized.