December 6, 2022

The panel adjourned the hearing to Wednesday, January 6

The next hearing is set for Thursday afternoon.

California Democrat Representative Joe Lofgren, a member of the committee, told reporters that “technical issues” and “not a big deal” were the reason for the reconsideration.

“These are technical issues,” he said. “You know the staff, you put all the videos together. You know doing one, two, three, it was huge. So we’ve trying to give them a little room.”

Lofgren said Thursday that the topic of Wednesday’s trial, which focuses on the judiciary, would be rescheduled and that Thursday would focus on then – President Donald Trump’s efforts to pressurize then Vice President Mike Pence to refrain from certifying the election results.

California Representative Pete Aguilar, who serves on the panel, told reporters that the trial schedule was “always fluid” and that the change in schedule provided “time and space” for the public to “digest” the information provided.

“We’m going to move forward, we’ll be investigating on Thursday, and then we’re ready for next week,” Aguilar said. “Like we said, it’s constantly fluid, and we’re getting ready for Thursday. We want to make sure you have the time and space to digest all the information we publish.”

The group has argued that Trump was responsible for the uprising. Monday’s hearing, the second in a series, focused on long sections of former Attorney General William Barr. Confession to the CommitteeHe elaborated on why Trump’s fraudulent claims were “fake” and why he did not see anything to convince him that there was fraud.
The delay comes a day after Mississippi Democrat Rep. Benny Thompson, the group’s chairman, said the panel would not make criminal recommendations to the judiciary – Trump or anyone else. A statement that met with rapid backlash from other committee members.

When asked about Monday’s open disagreement between Thompson and Wyoming’s GOP representative Liz Cheney, the group’s vice president, Aguilar said Cheney was right to point out that members had not yet discussed the criminal recommendations.

“As the Vice-Chair said in its inaugural statement last week, we are focused on telling the full, complete story and the investigations before us,” Aguilar said. “It’s true that the members did not have this conversation. When our inquiries are over, we will talk about the next steps, which will eventually include the final report that we will put together, but anything else we are looking for. Or any other letters we send. The committee will have those discussions and suggestions.”

Attempting to reshape Thompson’s comments, Aguilar added, “I read that the President’s comments will focus more on upcoming investigations.”

The story was updated on Tuesday with additional improvements.