December 5, 2022

The once ruined MS Paint gets its first redesign in a decade

Is the latest Windows 11 app to get code paint Paint, Everyone’s favorite Meme making Application of painting and doodling. It has not yet been downloaded to Windows Insiders, but Microsoft Chief Product Officer Banos Pane Released a brief video of the new design, Showing its updated look, new dark mode, better text tools, updated brushes and other changes that collectively serve to slightly modernize the app.

The new version of Paint stops becoming a full-featured photo editing processor like Adobe Photoshop or Apple Photos or — you no longer have layers or advanced effects tools. But the paint processor in Windows 10 did not change from the Windows 7 version, and the biggest contribution of Windows 7 was the adoption of the “ribbon” user interface introduced by the then current office in 2007.

Back in 2017, Microsoft briefly rejected the paint processor, Officially halted its already stalled growth and announced that it would be removed from the default Windows applications package in favor of the new Paint 3D. But there was application Saved from the recycling tank A couple of years later, the screen reader support was upgraded and an under-hood update was given Keyboard controls added. The new update does not imply an renewed commitment to turning Paint into a real heavy-duty image editor, but it does suggest that at least Microsoft will be less willing to allow the current uncomfortable combination of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10-era. Applications will continue to be integrated into the Windows 11 era. The updated paint processor will be released “soon” for Windows Insiders.

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