November 30, 2022

The Ohio woman, 16, was shot dead because her father thought it was an intrusion, the mother says

According to a 911 call received by NBC News, a 16-year-old Ohio girl was shot dead by her father after she thought an intruder had entered their home.

A girl named Jane Hurston was shot dead Wednesday in the garage of her parents’ home on Piper Bend Drive at Columbus Hospital.

In an eight-minute 911 call, Hurston’s mother told a sender that her husband had accidentally shot their daughter. The frantic mother begged for an ambulance, to be repeated by a man behind her, “Breathe, baby.”

“My husband made a mistake and shot her thinking he was an intruder,” the mother said. “She was in our shop. My husband did not know what was going on. God.”

The mother said she thought the young man had been shot in the chest. I was able to hear both parents asking what the little girl was doing in the garage.

Police arrived at the home six minutes after the call was made.

Columbus Police Division a Tweet The indictment was not filed and the case was sent to the Franklin District Attorney’s Office for review.

The shooting happened a few days after authorities said A North Carolina police officer has shot his 15-year-old son in the head They believe it was an accident.

According to District Attorney Ernie Lee, Dean suffered a life-threatening injury Monday afternoon and was taken to a medical center. The Anslow County Sheriff’s Office said the boy was still in critical condition as of Wednesday.

The unidentified officer is working in the police department in Jacksonville and is on administrative leave.