August 12, 2022

The next batch of unofficial Lego sets will go on sale on May 17th, you'll want to be fast

The next batch of unofficial Lego sets will go on sale on May 17th, you’ll want to be fast

If you consider yourself a Lego fan, you will want to read this story and Visit this site Before Tuesday, May 17th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. This is because Lego is about to officially put out the third and possibly the last set unofficial Kits are for sale, and this is when you can vote with your money on five fan-made creations that will become a reality.

These Lego sets were designed by fans, not the Danish brick maker himself, and Lego originally rejected every one. but now, Lego’s Bricklink Designer Program It’ll give a great 1950s dinner, a working waterfall, a massive train station, a steam science lab, and more a second chance at the official Lego Championship.

The sets are put together and shipped by Lego itself, with 10 percent of the proceeds going back to the creators for their work, and each of the five winners being limited to 10,000 units. Since most of them are over $200, they are very expensive And Lego only ships them to 31 countries, but favorites are probably fast! Last time, the unofficial Lego store was set It was the fastest to disappear.

Here are the cool creations vying for your attention this time around.

Firstly, Dinner 1950 $129.99whose original version was presented Back in March 2016:

Winter Chalet $199.99was originally introduced Back in October 2017:

Space Soldiers $199.99with the concept of a modular spacecraft Since 2011:

Working Waterfall $229.99with some obvious improvements (sorry, couldn’t help myself) on Apply in December 2019:

Steam Powered Science Lab $299.99originally introduced January 2020 as “Exploratorium”:

Mountain View Observatory $319.99 With its detachable levels floor by floor, the introduction Back in February 2016:

Modular Build Website $319.99also from Back in 2016:

Train Station $399.99: Studgatewas originally introduced In May 2019:

I love seeing the transparent rolling garage door pieces put to good use.

last but not least, Brickwest Studios $349.99was originally introduced In April 2020.

Although they’re technically funded, there’s little chance they won’t ship – again, Lego is behind this whole thing. When there was a glitch in the jungle castle first round arrangement process, Lego honor these commands and make more of them. But Lego only ships to These 31 countriesAnd it may be a while before you see them: This batch isn’t set to ship until the spring of 2023.

Here’s our story on the previous batch of winning combinations: