December 3, 2022

The new corona virus variant Omigron is spreading, Australia has detected cases

  • Two cases have been identified in Australia
  • Israel has announced a two-week ban on foreigners
  • It may take time to assess the harm of Omigran – Chinese expert

LONDON, Nov 28 (Reuters) – The new Omigron corona virus variant spread around the world on Sunday, with two cases detected in Australia and several countries trying to brand themselves by imposing travel restrictions.

Health officials in New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, Said Two passengers who arrived in Sydney from South Africa on Saturday evening tested positive for the Omicron variant of the corona virus.

Both are asymptomatic, fully vaccinated and in isolation, NSW Health said. A further 12 passengers from South Africa were in hotel isolation for 14 days, while about 260 passengers and crew were isolated. read more

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This is a recent indication that Australian cases may be difficult to control. It was first discovered in South Africa and later in Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Botswana, Israel and Hong Kong.

Austria is investigating a suspicious case on Sunday, with Health Minister Oliver Vernon in France saying the new variant is already in circulation there.

Omigran’s discovery, dubbed the “variant of anxiety” by the World Health Organization last week, has raised concerns around the world that it could resist the vaccine and prolong the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly two years.

Omicron is possible More contagious It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Countries have imposed travel bans or restrictions on South Africa. Financial markets fell on Friday as investors worried that the variance could halt a global recovery. Oil prices have dropped by about $ 10 a barrel.

On Sunday, most Gulf stock markets fell sharply in early trade, with the Saudi index hitting its biggest single-day fall in nearly two years. read more

In a very far-sighted attempt to keep diversity in the Gulf, Israel Announced Late on Saturday it will reintroduce anti-terrorism telephone-tracking technology to block the entry of all foreigners and control the spread of diversity.

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett said the ban, which is pending government approval, would last 14 days. Officials hope to have more information on how effective the vaccines against Omicron will be within that period. read more

Many countries have imposed or planned restrictions on travel from South Africa. The South African government on Saturday denounced it as unjust and detrimental to its economy – saying it was being punished for its scientific ability to detect corona virus strains in advance.

On November 9, 2021, in Sydney, Australia, police patrolled downtown New South Wales as the double-dose coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination target for those aged 16 and over exceeded 90 percent. REUTERS / Loren Elliott

In the UK, two connected cases of Omigran, which were identified on Saturday, were linked to travel to South Africa, with the government announcing measures to try to curb the spread, including tougher testing rules for people coming to the country and the wearing of masks on certain systems.

British Health Minister Sajid Javed on Sunday said he was looking forward to getting immediate advice on whether he could expand the scheme of providing booster shots to fully vaccinated people, trying to weaken the impact of the variance. read more

The German state of Bavaria also announced on Saturday two confirmed cases of this variation. In Italy, a man from Mozambique was diagnosed with a new variant case in Milan, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Chinese respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan said it could take some time to come to a conclusion about the harm of the new variant, state television said Sunday.

Vaccine differences

Although epidemiologists say travel restrictions may be delayed from Omicron circulation, many countries – including the United States, Brazil, Canada, the European Union, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand – have announced travel restrictions or restrictions on South Africa.

Several countries, including Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, imposed such sanctions on Sunday.

Mexico’s deputy health secretary, Hugo Lopez Cadell, says travel restrictions are being used on a small scale in response to the new variation, calling the measures taken by some countries “disproportionate.”

“It has not been shown to be very serious or to prevent immunity triggered by vaccines. They affect the economy and the well-being of the people,” he said in a Twitter post on Saturday.

Omicron has emerged as many countries in Europe are already battling the rise of COVID-19 infections and have reintroduced some restrictions on social activities to prevent the spread.

The new variant has drawn attention to the huge fluctuations in vaccine rates worldwide. Although many developed countries offer third-dose boosters, medical and human rights groups report that less than 7% of people in low-income countries receive their first COVID-19 shot.

Seth Berkeley, chief executive of the GAVI Vaccine Coalition, said in partnership with the WHO the COVAX initiative urges equal distribution of vaccines and the need to prevent the emergence of corona virus variants.

“Although we still need to know about Omigran, we know that until a large portion of the world’s population is vaccinated, variations will continue to appear and the epidemic will continue,” he told Reuters in a statement. On Saturday.

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Report by Elizabeth Piper, Don Williams, Melanie Burton, Kevin Yaw and Reuters Bureau Francis Kerry Edited by Mark Heinrich

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