January 29, 2023

The missing Florida woman was on the phone with her husband because the building collapsed

One of the missing is a woman South Slope of Sampline Towers, Was on the phone with her husband after an outdoor swimming pool cave, and then that line died.

Image: Cassondra Stratton (via Instagram)

Cassondra “Cassie” Bildi-Stratton, 40, who was staying on the fourth floor of a ruined surfacing of the Florida condo complex, has not yet been found by the rescuers, who frantically called her husband and described the large sink hole beneath the fourth floor unit. The building’s swimming pool at one time.

Stratton last met his wife, a native of Kenner, Louisiana, who flew from South Florida to Washington D.C. last Monday.

“I was in Washington, on the phone with her when the whole thing happened, 1:30 a.m.,” Stratton told NBC News Monday.

Stratton said it boosted his confidence Search and rescue teams from Israel, When they dig through the ruins.

“Nothing new, they work hard and dig in,” Stratton said of the search efforts taking place on Monday afternoon. “These Israeli comrades are like excavation commandos, they do their thing.”

He added: “They dug up a lot of people there, wiped them out and got it all.”

Stratton is a leading Democrat Political adviser and couple are in Colorado But they spent most of the infections in their Surface Condo.

“He’s the funniest, most active person you can imagine.” Stratton told the Miami Herald. “She was full of life. We were always doing something. There are so many interesting places to go in Miami, we took it all in.”

Missing Louisiana Native friends and relatives said they were still hopeful as the days passed.

“She is still missing in the rubble of a collapsed building in Florida. Please send her all the love, positive energy, warrior energy, survival and fighting energy you can send her,” friend Rashonda Gregory wrote on her Facebook page Friday night. “I still have hope that she is still alive there.”