December 4, 2022

The Lebanese Maronite patriot calls on the army to deal with Hezbollah

Lebanese Maronite patriot Bechara Poutros al-Rahi said on Sunday that the Lebanese army had cordoned off the southern part of the country, using Hezbollah as a stronghold. He said Security Council Resolution 1701 must be strictly enforced.

“We call on the Lebanese army, which is responsible for the international forces in the defense of the South, to take full control of the whole of the South, to strictly enforce Resolution 1701, and to prevent the launch of missiles from the Lebanese territory, according to the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA). Rahi said during the Mass on Sunday.

The Maronite Patriot stressed that “because of equality before the law, one party decides peace and war outside the legal conclusion and cannot accept a national decision entrusted to two-thirds of the members of government.”

On Friday, 19 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, while the Iron Dome intercepted 10 rockets and six rockets in open areas near the hartal on the Lebanese border. Other rockets crashed into Lebanon. No injuries or casualties.

This is the sixth attack in recent months and the first attack by Hezbollah Agreed Being behind.

In opposition to Hezbollah’s actions, al-Rahi condemned the occasional Israeli encroachment on southern Lebanon, as well as Security Council Resolution 1701, and tensions in the border areas of residential villages and its environs, according to the NNA.

The patriot added that “it is true that Lebanon did not make peace with Israel, but it is also true that Lebanon did not end the war with it, and that the 1949 ceasefire was officially confirmed.” In military operations that provoke a disastrous Israeli reaction. “

On the one-year anniversary of the bombing, al-Rahi said the clashes were to divert attention from the sanctity and light of the martyrs and victims of the Beirut port explosion. Marked Last week.

The Maronite Patriot attacked the country’s leaders: “We ask the authorities and politicians: How do you believe you deserve to lead the people to salvation, how do you push them into a new crisis every day? How do you trust the world? Do you deserve help? How can you convince yourself that you were up to the level of responsibility and trust? Is there humanity? Do you want to feel the suffering of the people?

“We want to end military logic and war and accept the logic of peace and the interests of Lebanon and all Lebanese people,” the patriot said.

Sami Jemael, the leader of Lebanon’s Gaddafi party and a former MP, expressed support for the Patriots on Monday, saying the party “believes” that there are many Lebanese citizens who agree with the Patriots and Gaddafi on the issue of disarmament and disarmament outside. Army.

Hezbollah supporters have expressed outrage at the patriotic comments on social media. Ali Shoaib, a correspondent with Hezbollah, wrote in a tweet, “Once upon a time, tell the Lebanese army to stop Israeli attacks instead of Israeli attacks.”

Lebanese MP, a member of the Independent Patriotic Movement, a Christian party affiliated with Hezbollah [al-Rahi] Who represents and who is represented is rejected by all standards.

Kasban called for a dialogue between Hezbollah and al-Rahi. “Discussions about his national concerns expressed by broad sections of the Lebanese people so as not to keep Lebanon as an open arena” Exchange of messages, warming borders and opening up wars that are detrimental to the country and its economy, especially as the Lebanese people go through the most difficult phase in their 100-year history.


This is not the first time that al-Rahi has issued statements against Hezbollah’s control of southern Lebanon and its paramilitary presence in the country.

In August last yearIn the aftermath of the Beirut port bombing, the Maronite Patriots called for arms control in the country and for the government to limit the outcome of war and peace. According to the NNA, al-Rahi called on all parties not to involve Lebanon in any conflict and to consider Lebanon’s interests first.

He said the patriot should focus on Lebanon neutrality and not enter into international and regional wars and that he has nothing to do with the country.

In 2014, al-Rahi visited Israel during the visit of Pope Francis. Hezbollah and other groups in Lebanon at the time expressed outrage at the decision.