December 2, 2022

The Justice Department will question Pence in a Jan. 6 hearing

During that period, Mr. Trump, Mr. He began publicly pressuring Pence and officials in Georgia to go along with his efforts to stay in office. At the same time, Mr. Trump began using his Twitter account to try to draw a crowd to Washington for a “protest” at the Ellipse near the White House on Jan. 6, the day of the congressional confirmation.

The Times has reported earlier Jan. 5, 2021, Mr. Pence’s chief secretary, Mr. Short, Mr. Pence called Tim Geebles, the chief Secret Service agent, into his West Wing office. Mr. Kiebels, Mr. When he arrived at Short’s office, the staff told him that the president was going to turn on the vice president and that would pose a security risk to them, Mr. Briefed the Short House Selection Committee. In a public hearing this year, Mr. The group released a video clip of Short’s discussion.

Mr. Trump addressed the crowd at the Ellipse on the afternoon of January 6, and hours earlier he had met Mr. Called Pence, and again urged him in an attempt to persuade him with a last-ditch plan to block the certificate. .

In his speech at Ellipse, Mr. Trump said: “You’re never going to take our country back weak. You have to show strength, you have to be strong.

He continued: “So I hope Mike has the guts to do what he needs to do. And I hope he doesn’t listen to the rhinos and the stupid people he listens to.

After some time, Mr. Trump’s supporters Mr. They marched to the Capitol where Pence was. Hundreds entered the building, breaking windows and breaking down doors, and Mr. Pence, his wife and daughter were evacuated from his office in the Capitol and sheltered in an underground loading dock. He stayed there and called senior officials to bring the situation under control, while Mr Trump watched television coverage of the riot at the White House.

Mr. Pence wrote about the experience in his book, and Mr. Trump is “irresponsible” and “at risk,” Mr. He described his anger as Pence and his family.

Glen Thrush Contributed report.