January 29, 2023

The future of Bucks White receiver Antonio Brown is in the air following his suspension for a fake vaccine card.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians opened the door Antonio BrownThis week is the future in his first comments after the recipient Stopped three games For violating NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 protocols.

Brown and with security Mike Edwards The Aryans were fined for misrepresenting their vaccine status and asked if they could stay on the team, he added. “At that point we will talk about their future.” The answer rightly sparked speculation.

One source said no decision had been made on whether Brown would return to the team after the suspension, while another said it was possible to retain teammates – saying it was possible they would not.

Arians was particularly disappointed with the team’s efforts to achieve 100% vaccination status. He also said he hopes the league will continue to look for players who are not honest about the vaccine status.

Suspensions can be a wake-up call for players who have similarly misrepresented their position. It lets players know that there will be repercussions.

In fact, teams let their players know to get covid booster shots if any of their vaccination cards are not genuine. In that sense, their teams are safe and secure regardless. The goal is to ensure that everyone is protected.

Sources say the league has not ruled out the possibility of other players across the NFL possessing fake vaccination cards. But given the fact that 80% of vaccinated players received shots at their clubs or under their supervision, the number should be relatively small. Hopefully some questionable players are getting boosters now to increase defense.

According to Brown, he accepted his suspension without appeal. But it was a process of getting there – and the NFL and NFLPA were locked into the investigation, with the union’s goal of protecting its players as much as possible. “Joined at the waist” is a proof of how it was put together.

The NFL first announced the longest suspension at Brown, as colleague Tom Belisero noted, having watched the first six to eight games. The NFL looked at a number of things before Brown came clean, called the clinic where he said he was being vaccinated and looked at how the hospital was doing before concluding that something was wrong.

Presented with facts, Brown agreed to a suspension – and he has yet to play two games anyway with an ankle injury. Since then, Brown and Edwards have been vaccinated.

Buying, selling or using fake vaccine cards is a federal offense. A U.S. Justice Department spokesman declined to comment on the matter.