December 6, 2022

The FDA panel recommends Pfizer boosters for people over 65 or at risk

After delivering boosters to the general public, he said, Israel is now averaging half or more serious patients than expected. He added that boosters not only help prevent the spread of infection, but also “actually save lives.”

Senior Pfizer Vice President in charge of vaccine development Dr. William C. Grooper suggested that if the United States did not follow Israel’s path, it could face more than five million infections a year among people receiving a second dose for 10 months. Previously, compared to those who received a second shot five months ago.

“Israel can predict the future of the US Govt-19, soon,” he said.

Pfizer’s data showed that the third shot revealed a strong antibody immune response, which was equal to or greater than the response after the second dose. Data also show that progressive infections among vaccinated Americans are more closely related to the resilience of the vaccine over time than to the delta variant.

But team members and some government officials appeared to be deeply skeptical. Dr. Philip Cross, one of the FDA vaccine experts who wrote the medical journal review, criticized data that did not submit or evaluate the data provided by Fischer, downplaying the company’s case and arguing that there were problems with modeling in one study. Efficacy of the vaccine.

CDC official Dr. Oliver questioned the attempt to draw a parallel between the United States and Israel, which has nine million residents and is less diverse than the United States. In particular, she said Israel Defines the severe case of Govt-19 On a broader scale than the United States, it would help explain why Israel reports more serious progressive infections among vaccinated residents.

Another CDC official, Dr. Amanda Cohn, asked Israeli officials why the spread of the virus had intensified recently, despite the widespread boosters. Dr. Alroy-Breeze said the Jewish holidays, with the start of the school year, contributed to his suggestion that there would be a temporary rise in lawsuits.

Team members expressed concern about the lack of safety data for younger recipients of the booster dose, as studies have shown that young people who have received the Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine have an increased risk of myocardial infarction. Many asked if it would be better to wait for a booster vaccine designed specifically to prevent delta variation of the virus.