December 5, 2022

The dose of COVID-19 third dose vaccine against hospitalization decreases after 3 months

A new study has been published Lancet Respiratory Medicine Even after the third vaccine dose – protection against the Omigron variant shows that it deteriorates over time.

Kaiser invented the Permanente Pfizer COVID-19 Omigron decreases 3 months after the third dose vaccination.

A research study was published on April 22, 2022 The Lancet Respiratory medicine Pfizer shows that the booster dose of the Kovit-19 vaccine provides about 80% to 90% of strong protection against hospital admissions and emergency department visits caused by the Delta and Omigran variants of Kovit-19 in the first few months. However, this protection against Omigran deteriorates over time – even after the third vaccine dose.

“Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 booster doses significantly improve protection against Omigran, although after 3 months reduce safety against emergency room visitation and even hospitalization,” said Sarah Y., lead author of the study. Dartoff, PhD, epidemiologist said. Kaiser Permanente is a member of the Southern California Department of Research & Assessment and faculty member of the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine in Pasadena. “The declining trends against delta-related effects were generally similar to omigran, but more effective each time than omigran.”

The researchers examined 11,123 hospital admissions and emergency department visits, which were not hospitalized for acute respiratory infections for this study. From December 1, 2021 to February 6, 2022, when both Delta and Omigran species were in circulation in Southern California, researchers looked at the records of the Kaiser Permanente patient.

  • After 2 doses of the Pfizer Covit-19 vaccine against Omicron, it was 41% against hospitalization at 9 months and 31% against emergency department visits.
  • After 3 doses, the efficacy against omigran-related hospitalization was 85% in less than 3 months, but decreased to 55% in 3 months or more.
  • When admitted to the hospital against emergency department visits, the vaccine efficacy of the 3 doses against Omigran was 77% for less than 3 months, but reduced to 53% for 3 months or more.

“Although Pfizer Covit-19 protection levels against Omigran after 3 doses are significantly higher than those found after 2 doses, they are lower than those found in Delta or other Covit-19 strains,” Dartoff said. “Additional doses of current, adaptive, or novel Covit-19 vaccines may be required to maintain greater level of protection against COV-19 waves caused by Omigron or future variants.”

Note: “Sustainability of the BNT162b2 vaccine against hospital and emergency department admissions due to omigran and delta variations in a major healthcare system in the United States: a test-negative case-control study by Sarah Y. Dartoff, PhD”; Jeff M. Slesack, MS; Laura Pusniak, PhD; Venice Hong, MPH; Fagen Xie, PhD; Bradley K. Accerson, MD; Srinivas R. Valluri, Ph.D. Luis Jodar, PhD and John M McLaughlin, PhD, 22 April 2022, Lancet Respiratory Medicine.
DOI: 10.1016 / S2213-2600 (22) 00101-1