January 29, 2023

The delta variation eruption was started by an unvaccinated teacher in Marin County

The Govt-19 delta variant erupted at an elementary school in Marin County, created by an unvaccinated teacher who spread the disease to half the students in the classroom and beyond. CDC study Released on Friday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that while ill, the teacher read aloud in class without a mask, in violation of local policy.

By the end of the eruption, health officials had identified 27 positive cases, 22 of which had symptoms. No one was hospitalized.

Students in the teacher’s classroom – and another class nearby who became ill – were too young to be vaccinated.

An unidentified 205-student school exploded in May, killing eighth-graders. The CDC said all but two staff members at the school had been vaccinated.

Author name not specified.

The report’s findings eventually explain why it is important for school staff to be vaccinated — and adhere to mask-like safety protocols — because they are still in close contact with children who are still ineligible for the Govt-19 vaccine, the KDLA sister center. Gron Report in San Francisco.

The study, published in the CDC’s weekly report on morbidity and mortality, was prepared by the Marin County Health Officer and researchers at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz.


The CDC described the chain of events at the school:

  • May 13-16: Teacher attends social events, not reporting any known COVID-19 exposure
  • May 17-21: Teacher goes to work in the classroom, sometimes reading aloud in class without wearing a mask
  • May 19: Teacher complains of nasal congestion and fatigue, which are the cause of allergies; Symptoms include cough, subjective fever and headache
  • May 21: Corona virus test for author
  • May 22-26: Teacher’s students begin to experience symptoms
  • May 22-31: Students begin to experience symptoms in another classroom nearby
  • May 23: Teachers report positive test results to school until May 30, returning at that time
  • May 23-26: Twenty-two of the teacher’s 24 students are being tested; 12 test positive
  • May 26, June 2: Test events are held at the school; More cases were found

Security measures

Masks were needed inside the school, and all classrooms had “portable high-performance particle air filters,” the CDC said. Classroom doors and windows were left open.

Nevertheless, the teacher is said to have read aloud in the classroom without wearing a mask.

In the two rows that sat next to the teacher’s desk, 80% of the students then tested positive. The ratio in the three back rows was 21%, the CDC found.

That “attack rate” highlights the “potential for increased spread and rapid spread” of the delta type, especially among unvaccinated children, the study authors said.

Here is a map of the classroom where the eruption began, the CDC added in its report:

In the other classroom, which is considered part of the same explosion, 14 of the 18 students were tested – and six returned positive.

In that second classroom, a student who was sleeping with two other classmates on May 21st, for students of a different standard from the teacher’s classroom and in a larger outdoor yard; All three children tested positive.

It is not clear how the infection spread from one classroom to another, but the epidemiological link is “considered contact in school,” the study said.

Eventually the other four students in the other grades tested positive. They were all siblings of students in the teaching class, and the CDC said the “exposure is thought to have occurred in their respective homes.”

All four parents who were not vaccinated became infected.

Health officials conducted test events after the classroom results. The test included 231 people – 194 students, 21 staff and family members of 16 students.

In the study, community outreach appeared to be lower than in previous outbreaks they had studied, and it was suggested that this may be due to higher community immunizations: the study reported that 72% of eligible people in the city where the school is located were fully vaccinated.