December 6, 2022

The defense attorney in the trial of Arbury’s killer has apologized for calling the court ‘black pastors’.

Kevin Koff said he was sorry for anyone who was “carelessly” hurt

Attorney in the murder case Ahmed Arberis Killers, Who said He said he no longer wanted “black pastors” in court after seeing the Rev. Al Sharpton He sat down with the victim’s family and apologized for his statements on Friday.

My apologies to anyone who carelessly hurt me,Said Kevin Koff, Who represent William “Roddy” Brian, Just Before the testimonies The trial began on the fifth day.

Brian is one of three men, including father and son Gregory And Travis McMichael – After Arbery’s death, he faces nine criminal charges, including gruesome murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

The trial began on Monday and is expected to last two weeks.

“They only have so many pastors” Said Cuff during the fourth day of the trial. “If their pastor is Al Sharpton now, that’s fine, but that’s it.”

Koff complained to the judge that the presence of black clergymen was “unreasonable” and “could influence the arbitral tribunal in this case.”

“I personally have nothing against Mr. Sharpton.” But if we set a precedent, we will bring the top members of the African-American community into the courtroom. Koff told the judge. Timothy Walmsley, Step TMZ.

In February 2020, 25-year-old Arbery was chased by McMichaels and Brian, who claim to have arrested a citizen. They were skeptical Arbury was responsible for a series of robberies in the Chattila Shores subdivision.

Brian recorded the incident in which Travis Arbury was shot three times, which many call modern homicide.

More than two months after the video went viral, men have been blamed for Arbery’s death.

(From left) Greg McMichael, Travis McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan Jr. testified that Bryan did not tell himself that a Kline County police officer had an Arbury weapon at the time of Ahmed’s murder. (Photos: Clin County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Sharpton responded to Coffin’s original comments. “The arrogant insensitivity of lawyer Kevin Cowen, who asked the judge to ban me or any of the family’s favorite ministers, underscores the value of a lost human life and the grief of a family in need of spiritual and social support,” Sharpton said. In a statement.

Arbury Family Lawyer, Lee Merritt, Said security should have a false investigation.

The highly publicized investigation has been in the headlines for some time.

Many researched Selected jurors – 11 white and one black. The panel for the final selection consisted of eight black jurors.

Of Creo The Maggie And April Ryan Contributed to this story.

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Position The defense attorney in the trial of Arbury’s killer has apologized for calling the court ‘black pastors’. Appeared at first The Creo.