December 4, 2022

The cubs put Seiya Suzuki on the injured list for 10 days

The cubs put Seiya Suzuki on the injured list for 10 days

Cubs mode as a defensive player Seiya Suzuki In the list of injured for 10 days due to a sprain of the ring finger of his left hand. Well, the right hand Robert Gesselman Assigned to the task, left Brandon Hughes He will join the Cubs after choosing his contract from Triple-A.

Suzuki is set retroactively to 27 May, with the player not playing since an injury forced an early exit in the Cubs’ 20-5 loss to the Reds on 26 May. After a few days of observing Suzuki’s condition, there wasn’t enough improvement to avoid the IL trip, and Chicago’s busy schedule is likely a factor as well. The Cubs have nine games in seven days, including a double-header today with the Brewers and another double-header on Saturday against the Cardinals.

A big five-year, $85 million off-season deal was signed, and Suzuki’s first 163 PA’s in MLB went well overall, with the .245/.344/.432 slasher translating into 116 wRC+ and 119 OPS. +. However, it certainly looks like shooters have got a book on the Suzuki, as it had a 1,090 OPS on his first 72 PA but only 0.545 OPS on his last 91 trips to the plate. Suzuki’s salary and the resumption of his long-running success in Japan could obscure the fact that he’s still a player watching the Major League for the first time, so some ups and downs are inevitable as he adjusts.

The twisted finger adds another hurdle for Suzuki to overcome, although the team was still hoping to be able to come back early today, he might not miss more than 10 days at least. Clint Fraser (Just returned from IL himself) A rookie Nelson Velasquez You will probably get the bulk of the time in the right field until Suzuki or Jason Heyward Return from the list of injured.

Gsellman signed a minors deal with the Cubs over the holiday period, posting a 5.02 ERA over 14 1/3 innings for Chicago since his contract was picked up earlier this month. Never a top bowler even in his best years as a loyal and chauffeur with the Mets, Gsellman has only had a 13.5% strike rate over 57 MLB Tours since the start of the 2020 season.

Hughes is back to rejoin the Cubs after making history on his Major League debut earlier this season, winning the first five Buccaneers he faced on May 17. This made Hughes the first bowler in modern baseball history (since 1901) to score for at least five teams. Through strikes in his first major league appearance. Overall, Hughes had a 2.57 ERA over seven innings and five appearances.