July 7, 2022

The crew of the super yacht prepared daily lobster for the owner in case he boarded

The crew of the super yacht prepared daily lobster for the owner in case he boarded

  • A superyacht worker wrote about his 20-year career in The Times of London.
  • They said one luxury yacht owner enjoyed eating fresh lobster whenever he was on board.
  • The worker said his crew prepared the dish every day even though he didn’t know if it was on board.

An anonymous worker who spent 20 years in the luxury yacht industry told surprising stories London times.

They described, among other things, how one wealthy yacht owner loved to eat fresh lobster whenever he was on board. However, his crew was not given any advance warning of when he would appear, so they set him up every day, just in case, the worker said.

One luxury yacht was entirely covered in emerald green snakeskin, the worker told The Times, while the bar stools on another ship owned by the late Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis were made of whale foreskin.

Tales of life aboard luxury yachts, especially those of wealthy Russians, have emerged in recent weeks amid the war with Ukraine. Western sanctions against Russia have partially targeted Russia’s wealthy and their luxury assets, including their own yachts And private planes.

Many luxury yachts have impressive designs due to the luxurious tastes of their owners. Recently, a luxury yacht craftsman He told the Financial Times that his wealthy Russian clientele demanded interiors made of rare tropical wood and expensive leather.

a luxury yacht captain who have worked at sea for 15 years, told the Guardian that wealthy Russians used to have their staff on board undergo polygraph tests to prove they kept information about the ship secret. The captain said potential employees should sign nondisclosure agreements to secure job interviews on board.