October 1, 2022

The British legislator is being reprimanded for bringing his child into the debate

One-third of British legislators are women. But female lawmakers in the UK and in legislative bodies around the world have long faced obstacles, including the lack of paid maternity leave. They have also emerged High rates and abuse, Both online and in person. In 2019, 19 female members of the British Parliament said they had decided not to run in the re-election. Some said abuse was the reason for that decision.

Alex Davis-Jones, a labor legislator, said in an interview that when he joined parliament in 2019, the speaker, Mr. He said he had met with Hoyle and promised to breastfeed his new baby in the rooms if needed. The discussions will last six hours or more, which puts new breastfeeding mothers in a difficult position, he said.

“It looks like we are going backwards a bit to the progress we have made,” he said. Parliament, he said, should “be a leading light on the basis of equality and representation” – and to set a precedent for what companies should do.

He said he had heard a variety of comments from lawmakers with children. Hoyle told parliament. “This house should function professionally and without interruption,” he said. “However, there may be times when the chair acts arbitrarily assuming there is no disruption to the business.”

In 2018, Senator Tommy Duckworth, Illinois Democrat, became Was the first American legislator to bring a child up to the Senate When he arrived with his 10-day-old daughter mail, he voted against the commitment of a new NASA administrator.

The arrival of the mail came after months of behind-the-scenes talks in the Senate, which had previously barred children from the floor. The senators unanimously voted to bring children under the age of one into the room.

“But what if there are 10 children on the floor of the Senate?” Orrin G. Hatch, then a Republican senator from Utah, asked at the time, the Associated Press reported. “It will be wonderful and happy,” said Sen. Amy Globuscher, a Democrat from Minnesota.