January 29, 2023

The Astra rocket failed to reach space during a test launch for the U.S. military

The third attempt was not sexy Astra.

The California Bay Area startup attempted its third orbital test flight today (August 28), launching its two-stage launch vehicle into the sky 0006 from the Pacific Spaceport campus on Kodiak Island, Alaska. 6:35 pm EDT (2235 GMT). The Rocket About 2.5 minutes after takeoff an anomaly occurred, but the flight was grounded.

Something went wrong from the start, and the boot vehicle sank to the side instead of getting off the 0006 pad smoothly. But the rocket was recovered and soared into the Alaska sky, reaching an altitude of about 20.5 miles (33 kilometers) before closing, according to real-time data provided by Astra during the launch’s webcast.

Astra’s launch vehicle 0006 skidded sideways on August 28, 2021 after embarking on an orbital test flight. The plane stopped about 2.5 minutes later. (Image credit: NASASpaceflight / Astra)

This work was stopped around the “maximum”, the mechanical pressures on a rocket would be very high. A camera mounted on the boot vehicle 0006 showed that part of the booster was loosely broken at the time.