January 29, 2023

Texas score against Oklahoma, take: Caleb Williams returns very soon in Red River history

No. 6 Oklahoma Red River scene made the biggest comeback in history, with the Kennedy Brooks Walking Touchdown No. 21 topping Texas 55-48. Spencer Rattler, who started football in the second quarter, brought newcomer Caleb Williams back to Oklahoma from a 28-7 deficit.

As the game was tied at 48, Williams led the Suners to a winning touchdown drive. Impossible play kept OU undefeated and thick in the college football playoff race.

Every break went the way of Texas to start this game. QB Casey Thompson’s first bass attempt was a bubble screen that went to a 75 degree touchdown. Longhorns blocked a ball to score a few seconds later and played a 14-0 lead.

After a Rattler fumble was taken two plays to create a 35-17 deficit, Oklahoma coach Lincoln listened to songs from the relay stand and added Williams. To score six of their next seven drives, they recorded 25 straight points in less than 11 minutes.

Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy did not go down easily. The second true player in Longhorns history to score nine balls and two best scores for 261 yards was just 273 yards behind Jordan Shipley in 2009 against UCF. But Brooks highlighted the long touch of success.

Williams completed 15 of 24 passes for 211 yards, rushed for 88 yards and amassed a total of three touchdowns. Brooks took the ball 25 times for 217 yards and 25 for touchdown. Oklahoma WR Marvin Mims had 136 yards and had a bounce-back game with two points.

Thompson lost 388 yards and five touchdowns. Texas star R.P. Bijan Robinson added 137 yards of hurry and a touchdown. The Suns have now won their last seven games on the Red River Showdown.

Here are the main results of the game.

The legend of Caleb Williams begins

Oklahoma fans have been chanting Williams’ name for weeks after Rattler’s poor performance, but some could have expected the real newcomer from Washington, D.C., to be very ready from the start. Williams broke a 66-yard touchdown into a short-yardage set, the spark that eventually changed the game.

Williams seemed to handle the pressure much better than Rottler. The final figures do not even count a couple beautiful passes, which would touch if caught.

Radler planned number. At this point, Williams Sutters could be in the quarterfinals of finding the Rattler bench as the playoff bush gets new life.

Another bad loss for Texas

Texas coach Steve Sarkisian has played in four games against the Power Five since taking over the project. Two embarrassing losses against future SEC rivals Oklahoma and Arkansas. (One against the Juniors gets that label because Longhorns had a 21-point lead.) The other was a closer match against the DCU team than expected.

There is a lot of work to be done on this project – and the Sarkisian need time to do it – but the thrown tracks and lack of physical readiness are like coaches. With matches against No. 12 Oklahoma State, Baylor and Iowa State over the next three weeks, not all gas can slip off the expressway quickly.

Kennedy Brooks is a trump card

Riley was reluctant to lean into the run game earlier this year because he was running again on the qualifying two scholarship list. Finally, the third string Marcus Major was deemed worthy on Friday and Oklahoma’s offense benefited.

With more than 15 carries in his first game, Brooks made his first 200-yard show since coming to Oklahoma. Speeding 339 yards at 8.3 yards per car is a classic Oklahoma offensive performance we have not seen since the Cotton Bowl in 2020.

While the offensive line is still a significant question mark, Oklahoma against Texas proved to be the game to unleash at any time. With Brooks, Major and Eric Gray on the list, Riley may not be pulling every game, but it will always be available.

They will soon find the rhythm

Oklahoma combined the three worst-scoring performances of the relay era in the first five games, but the wins against Texas and Kansas State showed more than we expected. The Sunners added 92 points between the two games, averaging 7.5 yards per game.

One-point wins against Dullen, Nebraska and West Virginia are unacceptable, but all will be forgiven if crime eventually enters its rhythm at the heart of the big 12 play. No. 12 There are still trials against Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Baylor and DCU, but if Oklahoma plays to its potential it can win every game in the remaining table.

In a year where the pinnacle of the game appears to be more exciting than ever, Oklahoma still has a chance to reach its peak.