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Tenishia has recently managed to make the whole country shake with his campaign towards a reform in local event permits.

His fight against unfair treatment towards the event industry in general and the DJ industry in particular in Malta has started a couple of years ago. Nonetheless, he has increased pressure and decided to go public a few weeks ago on his personal social media page, lashing out some hard words at politicians who are currently campaigning for the local general elections. Thanks to a strong local following, enough to sell out two past ‘Tenishia in Concert’ in Malta, Tenishia’s cause towards the rights of DJs was quickly and heavily backed by many.

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Increased support for the cause led the media to pick up and share his beliefs. This led politicians to take this issue seriously, going as far as amending their respective electoral manifestos to include the changes proposed by the Tenishia himself in their ongoing electoral campaign. The issue become so strong that Malta’s Prime-minister himself personally promised the reform when live on television. Tenishia was invited for several meetings with several government officials including the leader of the opposition party to discuss the matter and also received a visit at his studio by the Maltese Minister of Home Affairs.

DJs seeking to organise a party at a location not currently covered with a permit need to apply around 10 weeks before and get the thumbs up from six different authorities. They would also have to get a €500,000 insurance policy, irrespective of the number of people expected to attend, along with an estimate of the number of people per square metre. That is not all. DJs are also expected to provide a certificate from an electrical engineer and a health and safety certificate, along with VAT documentation and an €11,000 bank guarantee.

DJs hoping to organise a party also have to ensure medical professionals are on site, as well as an ambulance.

“As you can see, this is ridiculous. How can we be expected to do all of this for a simple party, irrespective of the size and type of party we are organising?” Joven Grech aka Tenishia said.

In the social media post, Joven lamented that both political parties had organised several mass meetings which did not appear to pass the same rigorous requirements DJs had to, despite playing music and selling alcohol during the meetings.

Tenishia Malta

He told the Times of Malta that it had not been long before he was approached by both parties to discuss the matter. “They were both open to discussing the situation, and I think we are finally going to see an end to a situation which is putting many people off getting into DJing,” he said.

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