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There’s a really interesting story behind this worldwide Trance hit by ATB.

It is Throwback Thursday and in our new series we bring you the story of one of the first Trance tracks to have hit the worldwide charts. ATB’s “9 PM (Till I Come)” was released way back in 1999. The track was a part of his acclaimed album Movin’ Melodies. It was a worldwide success and it hit number 1 in UK and Ireland in 1999, and sold over 890,000 copies in UK alone.

Have a listen to this timeless classic. Buy on iTunes or Beatport.

We had a chat with ATB about how the track came into existence, here goes…

“It was more by sheer fluke that I had a visitor and wanting to show her my studio just before we intended to go to the cinema. On one of my synthesizers was a factory sound called “Guitar”. For demonstration purposes of the studio I started recording and played this melody. It was really cool and I continued to work on it. Finally we had to leave for the cinema and I had to save the track. It was 9 p.m., so I saved the project with this name.

The next day I added the vocals from a sampler I found in my studio and finished the track. Looking at the sample I promptly got into trouble because I wasn’t legally clarified to use it. So finally I had to pay for the usage rights of this sample :o)”

If you know the story behind any legendary Trance tune you want to share with us, make sure you let us know.

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