January 29, 2023

Take a look at how Amazon third-party sellers affect customers who leave bad reviews

When you buy something on Amazon, the e-commerce company does not always sell; A Half of all items are estimated Sold on Amazon came from third-party sellers. Amazon claims that this is a buyer-seller route and will not be liable if a third-party product is defective (despite some recent court cases He challenged that position)

Third-party vendors will not be able to send emails directly from the platform to Amazon customers, but a new report The Wall Street Journal It shows that some sellers can leave negative product reviews and find ways to communicate with buyers, and some businesses offer sellers “email extraction” as a service to buyers.

So it is a practice, rather than paying to give people positive reviews Banned on Amazon 2016, These third-party sellers leave a bad product review and pay to replace or delete it (a practice that violates Amazon’s rules). Nicole Nuen writes WSJ About Catherine Scott, who bought a bottle of oil spray for cooking and did not advertise it, so she left negative criticism. A week later, I received an email from the customer service representative of the oil sprayer company that he would refund the money if he deleted the review.

Ms. Scott asked for a refund, but did not want to remove her review. Another representative came the next day and refused to withdraw his money. “A bad review is a dangerous blow to us,” read the email. Can you help me remove the review? If you can, I would like to refund you $ 20 to express my gratitude. (This is twice as much as Ms. Scott paid.) A few hours later, she received another request from the same email address.

Amazon said WSJ It does not share customer email addresses with third-party vendors, and last year alone it eliminated about 200 million fake reviews. But Nguyen writes that third-party vendors find identical email routes for customers. Read this wonderful report Includes advice on how to protect your email address from Amazon sellers.