July 2, 2022

Susan Collins calls the draft Row comment ‘completely irrelevant’ with what Korsch and Kavanagh said during hearings and meetings

“This leaked draft opinion is the final result and if this report is accurate, it would be in stark contrast to what Judge Korsch and Judge Kavanagh said during their hearings and at our meetings in my office,” Collins said in a statement. “Until the Supreme Court officially announces its opinion in this case, we will not know the decision and fairness of each judge.”

Asked if he had been misled by Cavanaugh, Collins told CNN, “My statement speaks for itself.”

On Monday, Politico announced that it had received a draft of the majority opinion written by Judge Samuel Alito, which was passed by Rowe V. Wade, the milestone in legalizing abortion across the country, will strike the 1973 Supreme Court ruling.

The draft was distributed in early February, according to Politico. The final opinion is not published and the votes and language may change before the comments are properly published. The opinion on this case is expected to be released by the end of June.

CNN has not independently confirmed the authenticity of the document. Politico says it has approved the draft. A Supreme Court spokesman declined to comment to CNN.

According to the draft, the federal constitutional right to abortion is Ro v. The court will quash Wade’s possession. This concept will be the end of abortion in decades and will change the landscape of women’s reproductive health in the United States.

It appears that five judges will vote to overthrow Rowe. Chief Justice John Roberts Row v. Evidence suggests to CNN that he did not want the hunt to change completely, meaning that he would have differed from part of Alito’s draft opinion, which could be with the court’s three liberals.

The five conservative judges who overthrew Rowe were Alito and Justices Clarence Thomas, Korsch, Kavanagh and Amy Connie Barrett.

Collins, a key Senate swing vote, voted in favor of both Course And KavanaghConfirmed in the High Court. Maine faced serious criticism and criticism from liberals over his record of Republican Supreme Court votes and abortion rights.
In 2018, Collins told reporters that Kavanagh had told him Roe v. Wade is the settled law.

“We talked about whether he considers Rowe to be a settled law. Judge Roberts agreed with what he said at his nominating hearing, in which he said it was the law he had ruled on,” Collins said after a meeting with Cavanaugh.

In 2019, Collins Defended his vote In an interview with CNN, Kavanagh confirmed that despite his recent vote in the abortion access case, Roe V. He said he did not believe Kavanagh would eventually vote to change the hunt.

“I have always been concerned with protecting the Roe V. hunt,” Collins said, adding that Kavanagh assured him that the milestone concept was safe during his confirmation process.

Collins later told reporters Tuesday that he would like to see Row We Wade become the law of the land as he discusses it. A bill he introduced GOP Sen. in February. With Lisa Murkowski, Rowe will symbolize established abortion rights.

“The agreement introduced by Lisa Murkowski and I will, in my judgment, have broad support. It is very relevant. It protects the exception of conscience, for example, but it was clearly planned against Roe v. Wade and Casey. Parents decide the law of the land, and that is what I want to see,” Collins said. .

However, there is no real way forward as the bill will require at least 60 votes to pass. Obstacles There will be no more than 10 GOP votes.

The story was updated on Tuesday with additional improvements.

CNN’s Ali Zaslav, Tierney Sneed and Ted Barrett contributed to the report.