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Dynamic duo Super8 & Tab are back this year. 2017 was a smashing year for them with almost all of their singles hitting high positions in charts. This year, they go a step ahead and release their third studio album, Reformation – Part One. On this occasion, we sit down with this duo, who have been performing together and setting the stage on fire with their powerful tracks to tell us all about the album, their upcoming tours and what nicknames they give each other! Read on to know more!

Hi Miika and Janne! Congratulations on releasing your 3rd studio album, Reformation – Part One! How did the idea for the album come about?

2017 was a very productive time for us, and suddenly by October we realised we had so many unreleased tracks that we wanted to package them as an album. So it came kind of accidental but also because we have been very dedicated and working hard on new music. During that time we wanted to reform things, freshen up our old habits and routines but still keep the recognisable Super8 & Tab core sound there. That’s where the album name ‘Reformation’ comes from.


You’ll will be releasing the album in 2 parts. Why did you’ll choose to split it in parts and release it?

People consume music so fast these days and we wanted to give more attention to tracks we have created. Releasing 13 tracks at once, people pick up maybe 2-3 and maybe forget those other tracks which are equally good. This gives us more time to showcase these new tunes.


Can we expect to see any interesting collaborations in this album? Which one were you’ll most excited for?

Like in previous albums we love to work with other artists too. We have amazing singers like Envy Monroe, Sarah deCourcy, Hero Baldwin and Jonny Rose featuring on ‘Reformation’. We also did a couple tracks with Cosmic Gate and our fellow Fin, Tom Fall.


Will you’ll be announcing an album tour anytime soon? Which cities are you’ll looking forward to bringing the tour to?

Yes, we have a lot exciting dates coming in North America, Asia, Europe and of course in Finland. Even though we just started the year, we’re already looking forward to summer festival season as we have some pretty good shows scheduled that will be announced anytime soon.


2017 was absolutely wonderful for you guys with some banging tracks like Cosmo, Quest and Pressure to name a few. Apart from the album, can we look forward to seeing new singles coming out?

Actually on very next day after the album was finished, we had already started to work on new material!

I’m sure we’ll be road testing these new tracks too on the Reformation album tour.


Which one do you’ll prefer playing – indoor sets at clubs or outdoor sets at huge festivals? And why?

We get this question every now and then and there is no one answer. We think both are equally good.

Playing 2-3 hour sets at clubs gives you enough time to get in that ‘zone’ in both the DJ booth and on the dance floor. Also in clubs you’re very close to people which gives it a very intimate feeling. But that said, playing for 20 000 people at a festival with huge production is something wicked too. The energy coming from the crowd is something very special which you can only experience on festivals. The downside of festivals is that usually set times are short.


In one sentence, how would you describe trance?

Trance is an emotional journey made up of ups and downs, goosebumps and hands in the air moments.


If you’ll had to give each other nicknames, what would they be?

DJ MAG once said we are ‘hairy and scary’! Google and you know why hahaha 🙂


Would you like to give any message to all your fans out there who are looking forward to the album?

We are looking forward to bringing this album tour to a city near you and we can’t wait to play all these new tracks live!


Get your copy of the album here!

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