September 28, 2022

Super Punch-Out Player Mode Found After 28 Years

Super Punch-Out Player Mode Found After 28 Years

Super punch!

picture: nintendo

Super punch!!, the SNES 1994 game released as a sequel to the original 1987 NES, is similar to its predecessor as a single player game. You play as Little Mac and fight your way through a series of cartoonish boxing opponents, each battle being only you against the computer. Or it was so far!

While messing around with the game recently, cheat not included “I casually found some new scam” for Super punch!!. Using the same two-button combo method that cheaters already know, they find two stories, the first allowing you to just choose any of the game’s fighters – even those from Super Circuit – for a one-time match:

This is pretty cool, and makes you wonder why this wasn’t an option in the first place (at least as an unlock after you beat the game, given that it’s in such a working condition). However, the second cheat discovered is even more awesome, because it allows someone to connect a second console and control the opponent:

But wait! It gets better! as such IGN Soon I found Kat Bailey Senior EditorNot only do these cheats work on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but the second player can pull off the opponent’s special moves:

This isn’t the first time the secret has lurked inside a classic video game for decades, but I don’t remember the last time the secret was so accessible – the cheat is pretty simple! – While it’s also very important. This doesn’t unlock a single level, or improve your stats, this basically just adds a new mode to the whole game, doubling the number of players and bringing boxing into the multiplayer arena after spending 28 years as a single player experience.

Note that this is not the first time we have been able to play punch out!! Multiplayer, as the Wii had a two-player mode, although it was only against the Little Mac version, not the list of weird and wonderful AI characters in the game. As the name suggests, Unlisted Cheats itself is an account dedicated to discovering secrets that no one seems to know, often hidden in the game code itself.