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Radio DEEA DJ resident, Sundancer is soon to see his first work of art reach the homes of millions of trance music lovers, as his track “eARTh” finally sees the light of day on June 15th at State Control Records.

The artist thought of dedicating his first ever released track to Mother Earth, “eARTh” being a natural tribute to our home, planet EARTH. At the time being, it is the only planet we are aware of having and sustaining life and this makes it so unique.

Within the track you could say I included the past, the present and the future of the planet. The intro & outro respectfully imply the tumultuous beginning and forming of Earth and the mind-blowing spectacular view that Earths demise will be.” said the artist

Sundancer a.k.a Bogdan Câmpean discovered the magical world of music quite early, his parents encouraging him to take piano lessons for a few years. He became fascinated by sounds and how they could be mastered, altered and mixed, thus starting to practically devour vinyls and cassettes and listening to as many musical genres as possible, from classical music, to rock, pop and dance.


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The teenage years were spent in front of his computer, “playing” with Traktor and learning the first steps of mixing music, developing quite a soft spot for trance. Little did he know at the time that trance music will shape and change his life in an inexplicable way.

The lead alongside the pad create the perfect environment to exhibit the expansion and outstanding greatness of life itself evolving and thriving on planet Earth.

The title was wisely chosen having in mind two main aspects:

  1. the name of planet Earth
  2. without ART, EARTH is just EH! 🙂 – ART is a form of personal expression and emotions that drives us every time. Without ART, our life would be pointless and sad. It brings us joy, happiness and the most powerful feeling you can ever have, love.



Sundancer added: “Even though I have produced the track and I know every inch of it, I can still be surprised every time I listen to it.

“It’s the snare in the beginning that I love so much. I think it brings character to the track and makes the intro so banging and ready for action.

“The lead gives you the sensation you can surpass everything and enjoy the beautiful things in life by feeling free to fly into simple yet so amazing sounds.”

The enormity of this track is ironically held by its simplicity because the message itself is simple, yet incredibly powerful. It’s a statement and a dedication to a place we take for granted so very often.

Music has such an amazing way of reaching people’s hearts and soul, and “eARTh” is just there, in the right place, at the right time. It’s a must-listen, must-share it with everyone!

Sundancer’s “eARTh” is available here 


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