November 26, 2022

Success for Governor Abbott, Texas Supreme Court overturns local mask orders

The All-Republican Texas Supreme Court on Sunday temporarily renewed a ban imposed on local mask orders by Governor Greg Abbott, thwarting efforts by officials in Dallas and Pexar districts to enforce Govt-19 restrictions as the virus plagues hospitals.

Judges upheld his July 29 executive order, which removed local authority in measures to reduce the severity of the epidemic, and granted Abbott’s request for an emergency injunction restraining court decisions under which he would allow officers in those districts to require masks in schools or indoors.

Harris County’s similar but separate case is still on appeal and is not affected by Sunday’s verdict. However, a broad decision by the Texas Supreme Court could affect Harris and other jurisdictions.

Sunday stay is temporary; The court has not yet given a final verdict in this case. The case will continue to be heard in the lower courts; The trial is set to begin on Monday in Boxer County and on August 24 in Dallas County.

“The Texas Supreme Court issued a narrow ruling that not only barred the TRO against Governor Abbott but also allowed a moratorium on proceedings,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. Tweeted after the stay. “We will not stop working with parents, doctors, schools, business + others.

As school students return to the classroom this week, officials hope there will be their own masked orders. Counties define the governor’s powers during emergencies under the Texas Disaster Act, which can only suspend orders from state agencies, not orders from local government agencies..

The governor said he issued a July 29 executive order to ensure “clarity and consistency” during the state’s epidemic response. This order prohibits local authorities from issuing mask or vaccine orders and imposes restrictions on businesses.

“Prohibition does not prohibit the use of masks,” Abbott The ruling tweeted in response to Sunday. “Anyone who wants to wear a mask can wear it, including in schools.”

Last week, the city of San Antonio, Dallas County and Harris County received temporary restraining orders from county district judges, which barred Abbott’s administrative order. The districts of San Antonio and Dallas were also separately before the courts of appeal.

The verdict came as Texas children were hospitalized with COVID-19 At a maximum rate of at least one year For the first full week of August, the Delta variant has been tied.

During that period, an average of 40 residents under the age of 17 were newly hospitalized each day with confirmed COVID-19 infections — a 25 percent increase over the previous week Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than 11,000 toxins with COVID-19 are currently hospitalized during this fourth wave of the virus, which is more than just any point other than the peak of the January uprising. Texas and Florida – White House Epidemiology Response Coordinator Jeff Giants said last week: Nearly 40 percent of new viral hospitals in the country are from two states.

Abbott has been in control of the Texas epidemic response since April 2020, ending the state’s shelter order and banning local governments from requiring masks.