November 26, 2022

Steph Curry’s 45-point performance against the Clippers caused a social media explosion

Playing against Stephen Curry Sometimes that is not fair.

Los Angeles Clippers are the ones who enjoyed the Steff experience.

The Golden State Warriors point guard made up for his self-assessed “junk” performance early Tuesday season against the Los Angeles Lakers. He dropped 45 points, caught 10 rebounds and won 13 of 8 shots from 3-point land in the 115-114 Warriors home opener over the Clippers. Charcoal started the game perfectly – netted the first 10 shots of the match. He never slowed down and led the Warriors to an amazing victory.

Twice when the MVP clippers lit up, social media exploded, giving thoughts of what everyone saw from the charcoal. It is safe to say that Point Guard surprised many on his hectic scoring night.

While Carrie has a great performance, the most important feature from Thursday’s game is that the Warriors are 2-0 in the young NBA season.