January 29, 2023

Spotify says it plans to add AirPlay 2 to its iOS app – eventually

Spotify has not yet added AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app – but despite the delay, it still “works” [it] A fact, ”the company says On the edge. The addition of the AirPlay 2 raised some doubts Macromers Saw a forum post Said to be a Spotify forum moderator “Audio Drive Compatibility Issues” This means that this feature will not be added in the future. Spotify now says it’s wrong.

On the edge Received the following report from Spotify regarding AirPlay 2:

A post on one of Spotify’s social pages contained incomplete information about our plans for AirPlay2. Spotify will support AirPlay 2 and we are working to make it a reality.

Airplay 2, Added as part of iOS 11 update, Introduced wide support for multroom audio, Sri voice control and a wide range of speakers, TVsAnd streaming services. This is a real first time for Apple’s “casting” feature, which was previously somewhat poorly supported outside of Apple’s own devices.

Spotify has its own way of getting audio from its service to other devices Spotify link, But considering Spotify already supports Google Cast, Apple’s omission of the new streaming protocol seems like a strange flaw. As Macromers Tips, Apple seems simple Four Step Developer Documentation Explains how to enable the feature. However, Developer Marco Arment points The fourth step (adopting a new API that supports advanced cache) is a bigger hurdle than it appears.

But add that Spotify has a less friendly relationship with Apple Filing a complaint of no confidence And Publicly calls it bullying, And a choice that does not prioritize connecting to the AirPlay 2 still makes sense. This is still going well, but for any Spotify subscriber on iOS, it’s hard to feel like you’re caught in a battle between two tech companies outside.

Update August 6, 6:47 pm: Changed the title and additional statement from Spotify confirming that AirPlay 2 is supported.