January 29, 2023

SpaceX aims to fix leaked toilets before astronauts explode over the weekend | SpaceX

SpaceX faces toilet problems in its capsules before sending more astronauts into space.

The company and NASA want to make sure the toilet leaks in the capsule, which will be released from Kennedy early Sunday, do not compromise. Space Center or another stationed at the International Space Station since April.

According to William Kirstenmeier, Vice President of SpaceX, who worked at NASA, during last month’s SpaceX’s first private flight, not a single pipe was spilled, spilling urine on fans and underground.

“We fixed this problem in the tank and basically turned it into a fully welded structure. There is no longer a joint, it can come off and break.” Said Kirstenmeyer. NASA is currently reviewing the last-minute solution.

“In the business group project we have a little work to do to move the plane forward with SpaceX.” Said NASA Business Team Project Manager Steve Stitch at a news conference Monday night.

Kirstenmeier said the Dragon capsule, which is currently in orbit, contained less urine under the floor panels than a millionaire and three others on board for three days – because the NASA – led team lived on the capsule for only one day. Before coming to the space station.

Kersteinmeyer also said that SpaceX has been testing SpaceX for the past six months to make sure the rotating capsule is not damaged. Any structural damage could endanger astronauts returning to Earth next month. Final tests are due to be completed this week, he said.

Engineers will provide new data on Friday about the capsule’s toilet system and other aspects of the work for administration.

“We are looking for small traces or small, minor flaws. Someone will be surprised to see a plot: why did that temperature rise here, or did this pressure change here?” Said Stitch. “So you really dig into all sorts of things and try to understand them, and then improve things and try to fly safely.”

Sunday’s launch marks the fourth launch of SpaceX’s NASA astronauts and its fifth passenger plane overall. Following the retirement of the spacecraft in 2011, NASA returned to SpaceX and Boeing to carry crews to and from the space station.

Before the acquisition of the SpaceX mission last year, American astronauts rode on Russian rockets.

In March, SpaceX’s Starship, the Mars ship prototype, Exploded During the touchdown the landing pad and flames were thrown back into the air, before falling to the ground.

The fireball caused by the rocket exploded and scattered Rocket debris Across the ecosystem of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Sanctuary Boca Sica Path, there are beaches, meadows, coastal dunes and wave flats.