December 5, 2022

South Carolina and Maine primary election results

It’s 8pm ET, and voting ends in the 34th congressional district of Maine and Texas.

Top races to watch in Maine: The race for Maine’s 2nd congressional district is set to be one of the most competitive House races in the November general election.

Democrat Jared Golden is currently running unopposed in that seat. Two Republicans – former Representatives Bruce Ballickwin and Elizabeth Caruso, a small business owner – are in the square to pick him up in the fall. The district voted for Donald Trump in 2020.

Janet Mills, a Democrat incumbent in Maine’s governorship, is running unopposed for her party’s candidacy, as has her predecessor, the controversial Republican Paul LeBez.

Important things to know about Texas special election: Voters of the 34th Congress District of the State Decide who will fill the vacancy After Democrat MP Filemon Vela announced his resignation in April, he had previously stated that he would not seek re-election.

Special elections to fill the past few months’ term will be held under the old district lines of Texas – not the new district lines voted by voters in the March 1 primary election.

The parties have consolidated their support around two candidates – the leading Republicans have approved Mayra Flores, who is also the GOP candidate for the redrawed district in November, while Dan Sanchez, a Democrat, now has the support of Vicente Gonzalez, a representative representing the neighboring 15th District. He is the Democratic candidate for the 34th Congress district in November.

This may be one of the best opportunities for any party to flip a seat in a special election in this cycle.