August 15, 2022

Sony Samsung Trump has introduced the first 1-inch camera sensor for phones

When Samsung is First brand past 100MP And 200MP barriers in the smartphone camera segment, Sony has put a stop to its South Korean rival by creating a 1-inch sensor. The Japanese company was the first to introduce the IMX 989, a 1-inch smartphone camera sensor.

The The Sony IMX989 1-inch camera sensor is introduced with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The device will be released on July 4, 2022 in conjunction with the Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12S Pro. It has a 50MP camera sensor and its native pixel size is around 1.5µm which gives theoretically better performance in low light conditions.

Some Sony phones already use 1-inch sensors, all of which are embossed versions of the sensors. Of Sony Digital cameras. The IMX989 is the first 1-inch sensor apparently developed for smartphones. Sony is also said to be working A 100MP intermediate camera sensor.

Samsung’s largest sensor Is ISOCELL GN2. It has a 1 / 1.12-inch optical shape and a native pixel size of 1.4µm. Although the ISOCELL GN2 is the best ISOCELL sensor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra Rumor has it that ISOCELL is using HP1. This is a 200MP camera sensor 1 / 1.22-inch optical shape And 0.64μm native pixel size.

Sony’s new IMX989 camera sensor should deliver better picture and video quality than that Samsung 200MP camera sensor. However, a lot depends on the image processing algorithms. So, only time will tell whether Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone will match the camera’s performance. Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

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