December 1, 2022

An artist

Something scary is happening at the edge of the solar system

Just in time to celebrate Halloween, scientists have discovered something strange and frightening happening at the edge of the solar system: the heliosphere – the boundary between the heliosphere (the bubble of the solar wind that encompasses the solar system) and the interstellar (interstellar matter) ripples and creates angles in an unexpected way.

The general concept that the heliosphere changes shape is not new; Over the past decade, researchers have determined that it’s not consistent. They made this discovery using data from Voyager 1 And the Voyager 2The only two spacecraft to have exited the heliosphere so far, as well as two NASA spacecraft. Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), which studies the emissions of energetic neutral atoms (ENAs) that arise when the solar wind and interstellar medium interact.