September 26, 2022

An open Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a Windows desktop-like launcher

Someone converted Galaxy Z Fold 4 to Windows Phone and it’s so cool

What you need to know

  • A YouTuber has managed to turn his Galaxy Z Fold 4 into a Windows phone.
  • Use a combination of two Android launchers and Bixby Routines to make it work.
  • This process isn’t perfect, but it seems to work surprisingly well, considering.

Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone is finally available, and while it has just hit store shelves, some users are finding some exciting ways to customize their experience. For example, one Galaxy Z Fold 4 owner managed to turn his device into a Windows phone.

YouTuber Mark Spurrell takes us through the process of getting new Galaxy Z Fold 4 To look like a Windows Phone on the outside and a full Windows PC on the inside screen. It may sound like a complicated process, but according to Spurrell, it only requires Android players and some Bixby Routines to run. The best foldable phones In a blast from the past.