December 5, 2022

SEC is expanding its membership to Oklahoma, Texas by 2025


The next phase of the controversial process that has engulfed the world of college football for more than a week is over. The SEC announced on Thursday that it has extended the call Texas And Oklahoma Conference leaders join the conference following a unanimous 14-0 vote. Longhorns and Sooners will be eligible to join the SEC until July 1, 2025.

“Today’s consensus vote is a testament to SEC’s long-standing solidarity and mutual cooperation, as well as the recognition of the best traditions of academic and athletic excellence established by the Universities of Oklahoma and Texas,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Changi. “I greatly appreciate the joint efforts of our Presidents and Principals in taking into account the interest of each school member.”

The SEC needs two-thirds of the vote (11 out of 14) to accept new members. Even Texas A&M, Immediately took a defensive stance for another Lone Star State team to join the league, voting to accept UT and OU.

Texas and Oklahoma are expected to accept the SEC invitation and join the league ahead of the 2025-26 season.

The news comes Thursday, two days after schools Properly submitted applications As members of the Conference. They have officially announced that they will not extend the Big 12 grant rights agreements that allow conferences to sell television rights to networks when they expire in 2025.

The move has sparked a series of events this week, including Wednesday, when Big 12 learned that it had sent a shutdown and withdrawal order to ESPN, one of its primary television partners, accusing the network of colluding with others at conferences in an attempt to disrupt Big12. Tennis Todd of CBS Sports said ESPN was involved in the American Athletics Conference (AAC). Attempting to hunt down the remaining eight members In the big 12.

“I am absolutely sure [ESPN was] Involved in it [American] Big 12 Commissioner Bob Powellsby told CBS Sports.

Whose guess is where the Big 12 goes from here. But as of Thursday night, Oklahoma and Texas will not be part of it.